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    Change Management and Change Leadership: A Critical Relationship

    Change Management is a term we have all heard and regularly use. Unfortunately, we seem to use it generically, lacking the level of precision which would clearly differentiate between Managing Change and Leading Change.

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  • 2020-bl-thumb-repost-dcs-and-eqms

    Change Control — Continuous Quality Improvement in FDA and ISO Environments

    Besides cutthroat competition, manufacturers in the life sciences deal with strict regulatory and ISO quality requirements. Changes in processes need to be carefully managed to ensure that products stay safe and effective.

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    Deviation and Change Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    In pharmaceutical manufacturing environments, strict compliance to approved policies and procedures is essential to keep manufacturing operations in a state of control. Uncontrolled changes like deviations can affect the safety and reliability of products, not to mention the regulatory status of products, directly affecting public health and safety. This is what makes change control – and a paperless system – crucial.

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  • 2019-bl-thumb-respost-cloudly-with-chance-of-awesomness

    How Cloud Migration Has Become More Seamless for Regulated Companies

    Cloud technology has reached a level of maturity where many regulated companies are discovering that operating in the cloud is more cost effective and a competitive advantage. A new white paper discusses the benefits of moving to the cloud and how companies can make the migration process smoother and faster.

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  • 2019-nl-bl-thumb-change-control-continuous-improvement

    4 Change Control Pain Points in High-Stakes Manufacturing (and How to Overcome Them)

    Documenting change control is a crucial part of the manufacturing process. Without it, operations can become error-ridden, ineffective and at worst – they can result in costly product recalls that are damaging to consumers and companies. Learn how a digital quality management system can ensure product quality, safety and prevent delays and recalls.

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  • 2018-bl-thumb-exploring-nutraceuticals-delivery-options

    Top 5 Nutraceutical Trends in 2018 - Exploring Different Delivery Methods

    The nutraceutical world is constantly evolving to meet consumer needs and the search for alternative delivery forms is a prime example of this. To combat pill fatigue, supplements now come in liquids, powders, lotions and sprays, but companies embracing innovation need to be aware of the challenges they face.

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  • 2017-bl-thumb-what-is-doc-control-system

    What Biotech Startups Need to Do to Slay the Competition

    Venture capitalists have pumped $2.8 billion into biotechnology startups in the first two months of this year alone. This means two things if you’re a startup. First, expect fierce competition because a huge capital pool attracts the very best in the industry. Second, this kind of investor confidence requires that you hit the ground running.

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  • 2017-bl-thumb-holiday-party-hosting-tip-get-an-eqms

    Holiday Party Hosting Tip: Get an eQMS

    It’s that time of year when we get together with family and friends and enjoy holiday festivities. Sure, all the mingling and merriment of a holiday party can be fun, but organizing an event—not so much. If you happen to be the designated planner/host of your holiday soiree, you may want to consider using an electronic quality management system (eQMS).

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  • Cleanroom Compliance: How to Address Common Challenges in Document Control

    A recent warning letter to a medical device firm shows the importance of proper documentation of cleanroom maintenance procedures and corresponding control of those documents. The FDA noted the company’s failure to establish and maintain written procedures for avoiding contamination of equipment, as well as the incongruity between some of its cleanroom procedures and records of actual practice (1).

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  • Don’t Trip over These 9 Document Control Pitfalls

    Document control issues are among the most commonly cited observations in FDA Form 483s and warning letters. In the medical device sector alone, document control-related issues represented 10 percent of Form 483 observations and 8 percent of warning letters in 2014(1).

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  • American Laboratories Begins Phase II of MasterControl

    American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI), Omaha, NE, a manufacturer of Pancreatin, Pepsin and proteins is celebrating two years with the quality management system MasterControl and is announcing the implementation of Phase II of the system that will include Quality Events Management.  

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