Regulatory Training Software

Use Regulatory Training Software from MasterControl to Help Ensure All Employees are Up-To-Date on Company Procedures

Regulatory compliance training is often offered via agencies specifically devoted to training. However, regulatory compliance training can actually be streamlined with the MasterControl's regulatory training software, saving regulated companies revenue and headaches associated with training organization, management, information routing, audits, etc.

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Regulatory Compliance Training with MasterControl's Regulatory Training Software

Regulatory compliance training may occur every year, every 6 months or every time a new employee is hired. Regulatory training software is essential for 100% compliance since FDA, ISO, CLIA and additional regulatory bodies require that employees have the expertise, knowledge and/or information required for the efficient performance of work assignments (i.e. those assignments that are subject to regulation).

The Problems Without Regulatory Training Software

Compliance training does become difficult however because training data and documentation must be managed (in case of audit, etc.) and employees must be trained well enough to pass examinations and/or other forms of "knowledge proof". These procedures when managed manually take dozens, hundreds or even thousands of hours and require iterative costs when training agencies are employed, but MasterControl's regulatory training software helps in managing these procedures.

A Regulatory Training Software Solution

With the MasterControl regulatory training software however, regulatory compliance training information, records, etc. are effectively managed and tracked for complete, electronic audit trails and information complete with meta-data. MasterControl's regulatory training software also automates tasks such as information routing and follow-ups and with the MasterControl Exams capabilities, tests can be delivered, graded online and stored for future use. To learn more about MasterControl Training and the additional benefits it provides for regulated companies, contact a MasterControl representative.

MasterControl Documents in Regulatory Training Software

The MasterControl Documents solution is an effective document control solution which can effectively trigger the MasterControl regulatory training software when essential documents such as SOPs, work instructions and quality manuals have been significantly edited or updated.