Project Management Services

Successful and timely deployment of your MasterControl system is crucial to your company's compliance initiative and overall competitiveness in the market. For many companies, the implementation process is hindered by limited resources or tight deadlines. This can make managing a large project daunting and frustrating.

MasterControl offers Project Management Services to help alleviate the challenges of software implementation. Through this service, MasterControl will provide the continuity and quality required throughout the deployment process. An experienced MasterControl Project Manager brings the expertise to serve as a project champion, coordinate activities, and communicate critical milestones. This provides a single point of accountability and communication for the entire project.

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How Project Management Services Can Help You

As any project grows in size and scope, professional project management services become more critical to the implementation process. MasterControl maintains a staff of project management experts as a resource for our customers. Having such an expert at the ready will:

  • Ensure quality and continuity of the desired deliverables based on MasterControl Project Methodology
  • Guarantee that customers have a dedicated resource for MasterControl products and services for the duration of the project
  • Leverage the MasterControl processes that has been proven to provide maximized results
  • Consolidate and coordinate the requirements from a variety of departments under a single point of accountability
  • Make "on-the-fly" adjustments to your project plan to ensure the services purchased are adding the most value to the project
  • Coordinate and communicate crucial project milestones and activities with you and your team

The implementation process typically undergoes two major phases: project planning and project execution. With MasterControl Project Management Services, the entire project lifecycle can be fit into a schedule that fits your specific needs.

Project Planning

The planning phase paves the way for smooth project execution. It includes planning, definition of goals and expectations, and documentation of the plan, all of which can be revisited and revised as necessary.

  • The Kickoff: Planning begins with a project kickoff. This is the event that officially starts the project planning process. The agenda covers an introduction to many of the planning activities, and includes: a services introduction, project office introduction, training class overview, project plan review, integrated team overview, and success overview.
  • Defining Customer Success: The MasterControl Project Manager works with the customer team to determine the customer's success criteria. The customer success definition is critical to defining scope and the business objectives to be achieved by the project.
  • Identify Project Team and Stakeholders The Project Manager works with the customer to define an integrated project management team that encompasses the resources needed to complete the project. These individuals are included in the project planning document.
  • Document Project Assumptions The Project Manager uncovers and documents any assumptions and works to resolve any potential conflicts that have not been previously communicated to the various individuals and departments that will be impacted by the implementation.
  • Identify Project Risks and Mitigation The Project Manager analyzes any potential risks associated with completing the project on time and within the prescribed budget. Consideration is also given to how the project's implementation might impact the ongoing operations of the organization and any associated risks. Once all these risk elements are identified, a risk-mitigation plan is developed.
  • Project Plan Development The Project Manager works with the project team to construct a project schedule with tasks, milestones, and deliverables for both MasterControl and the customer. The schedule is created based on a proven methodology developed by MasterControl. Over the years, our intimate understanding of our products and services, as well as the inherent needs of each specific industry, gives us the experience needed to make accurate estimates and set achievable goals.
  • Communication Plan The Project Manager determines what communication requirements are needed for the project team. This may include status meetings, status reports, meeting minutes, and project plan updates at specified intervals. These are included in the project planning document where they can be revisited as necessary.
  • Pre-Onsite / Remote Services Readiness Where appropriate, the Project Manager facilitates the review of homework and/or other requirements and determines readiness for planned on-site service activities and project plan tasks. The Project Manager also ensures readiness for onsite validation activities. These include checklists based on project requirements. The Project Manager facilitates teleconferences in advance of site meetings with MasterControl consultants and finalizes agendas and tasks to be accomplished.

Project Execution

  • Directing the Project Team The Project Manager performs activities to accomplish project objectives, manages project communication channels, and ensures the project team is properly prepared, then ensures that task assignments are being completed as planned. This activity is conducted throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Managing Project Scope: A critical responsibility for any project manager is to strike a balance between making ongoing adjustments to the original project plan that are necessary - and, at the same time, not letting the project spin out of control from "scope creep." Our Project Managers ensure that the scope for each task is prioritized, understood, and documented and that the load on any affected resources is kept in balance.
  • Conduct Project Status Meetings The Project Manager schedules, plans, and leads all of the status meetings. This includes maintaining a history of the project's lifecycle that can be referenced during an audit.
  • Day-to-Day Meetings and Issue Management As issues and questions arise, the Project Manager facilitates meetings for the resolution of such items. This activity is conducted throughout the project's lifecycle.
  • Project Close The Project Manager ensures "Go Live" readiness based on the project plan, facilitates the transition to customer support, and supports the development of any support procedures. The Project Manager facilitates a review at the close of the project, meeting with stakeholders to review the project based on customer success definition. Typically this is completed after the "Go Live" milestone during the deployment phase of the project.

Project management services can eliminate a great deal of the confusion and delay that can accompany implementation of any software product. An ounce of project management is worth more than a pound of hindsight!

As with all MasterControl products and services, please feel free to contact either your MasterControl representative if you have any questions regarding our project management services.