“When an auditor comes in and asks for a document, or wants to see a history, whether it be a device master record or device history record, you have the ability to pull those records up quickly!”

Tom Golden
Manager of Document Control and Learning Services
Biomimetic Therapeutics

Why Medical Device Quality Managers Prefer MasterControl

Greet Pfister

“MasterControl helps us streamline all our quality and regulatory processes to be more efficient. Our overall impression of MasterControl–we love it.”

Greet Pfister
Quality Assurance Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager
Kerr Corporation

Testimonial 1

Haven McCall

“MasterControl has been great because quality managers get back the administrative time that they typically put into chasing down change orders.”

Haven McCall
Vice President Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Top 5 QMS Benefits for Medical Device Companies

Unified Platform, IT Friendly

MasterControl vous apporte tout ce dont vous avez besoin dans une solution sécurisée qui élimine l'effet « silo » en reliant tous vos processus qualité sans surcharge de travail pour les services informatiques.

Solution prête pour les audits

MasterControl gives you the confidence you need when an auditor or inspector knocks on your door.

Conformité efficace

MasterControl enables you to more easily maintain compliance efficiently and affordably.

Closed Loop, No Loose Ends

Notre méthodologie en circuit fermé garantit que toutes les activités sont exécutées rapidement et que toutes les informations sont à jour.

Qualité et conformité : accélérateurs de l'activité

MasterControl frees up your medical device company's most precious resource—its people—to focus on key drivers of your business such as innovation and speed to market.