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MasterControl's Medical Device Journal

MasterControl and the MasterControl GxP Lifeline newsletter provide a medical device journal of information and news related to the medical device industry. Recent GxP Lifeline titles include the following:

  • Top Four Activities to Prepare for ISO 13485 Certification
  • The Medical Device Market in Japan: Worth its Weight in Gold
  • The Keys to European Compliance: An Informative Summary Regarding the European Medical Device Vigilance System Guidelines
  • Changes on the Horizon: The FDA's Interactive Review Guidance
  • Two Roads Diverged: Current Issues for the Medical Device Industry
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Additional Information About Medical Device Journal - GxP Lifeline

MasterControl also provides facts and data regarding MasterControl's technological support systems for medical device companies. These solutions specific to the medical device industry include the following:

  • MasterControl Bill of Materials
  • MasterControl Design Control
  • MasterControl Design History
  • MasterControl Device History Records

These solutions can be complemented by powerful solutions for document control and quality management processes such as change control, audits, customer complaints, CAPAs (Corrective and Preventative Actions), training, etc. To speak with a MasterControl representative about any MasterControl product or service, please feel free to visit the MasterControl contact page.

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While visiting the MasterControl website you may also wish to access additional materials. Once you access the MasterControl Resource Center you can access any of the following content sources:

  • Q & As
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