Online Learning Management

How Online Learning Management can help Assure Regulatory and ISO Compliance

Current FDA regulations and ISO standards require companies to comply with quality management standards. An online learning management system can help companies sustain compliance.

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MasterControl's Online Learning Management System Provides Effective Collaboration

Fierce market competition has led companies to develop pre-emptive and pre-planned business expansion strategies. What companies need to stay competitive is a common platform on which to collaborate as they discuss, update, and make decisions about existing standing operating procedures and other practices that impact the direction of the organization's business decisions. MasterControl provides companies with a mechanism for building an online learning management system that ensures that all authorized users remain connected and informed about information pertaining to their jobs at all times. Since MasterControl's online learning management system is entirely Web-based, it allows vendors, users, employees, and other authorized stakeholders to collaborate from virtually anywhere.

With so much information available to so many different types of users, the sources of information and routes through which the information is distributed can be overwhelming. With MasterControl, management can be rest assured that all pertinent information is safely captured within the system. MasterControl online learning management software provides companies with automated forms that prevent information from falling through the cracks. The MasterControl Documents module simplifies document drafting, review, and approval lifecycles. This facilitates the timely production of documentation that functions as the core of the organization's online learning management system. The MasterControl solution ensures that all documentation pertaining to quality processes is perpetually updated and securely maintained.

Ensure Compliance with MasterControl's Online Learning Management Systems

The most important point of establishing an online learning management system is to help companies conduct effective yet inexpensive training programs. As companies grow and develop, it becomes exceedingly difficult to keep employees continuously updated about the changes to processes. The MasterControl Training module provides companies with automated training programs that feature online exams and grading systems. Since all quality processes are interlinked by the system, any change to a document triggers the Training application to warrant a new training. New tasks are automatically triggered by the system to ensure that personnel are kept abreast of the latest procedural updates. In summary, MasterControl's online learning management solution is a complete, collaborative and compliant system for keeping all users informed about changes to compliance documentation and processes.

It is also equally important to ensure that the effective transfer of data between processes is maintained. MasterControl connects all quality processes that are critical to compliance through best practice forms that link one process to another. This cross-connectivity between interlinked processes (such as CAPA, deviations, customer complaints, change control, etc.) better equips companies to deal with issues that arise during audits and allows management to easily resolve data-related discrepancies. This ultimately ensures that companies can pass compliance audits without difficulty.

For More Information About Online Learning Management

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