Learning Content Management

Why Regulated and ISO Companies Should Implement a System for Learning Content Management

Current FDA regulations and ISO standards require companies to comply with quality learning content management standards. A learning content management system or software for training management can help companies sustain compliance.

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Building a Sound Learning Content Management System with MasterControl

As the business of any company develops, the standard operating procedures and processes within the company's internal systems become more and more complex. All information relating to these processes must be securely maintained so that employees can refer to accurate, up-to-date documents in order to emulate procedures. However, processes go through continuous changes that are requested by customers, vendors, auditors, or other stakeholders. Ensuring that the latest information is available to users at all times becomes difficult when it seems that processes and procedures are changing more rapidly than they can be tracked. At this point, a company needs a comprehensive knowledge bank in the system. Modern technological advancements have given rise to learning content management systems that allow users to access updated documentation from virtually anywhere.

The MasterControl suite of quality and document management applications provides companies with a customizable and sound learning content management portal. The MasterControl Documents module, as the name suggests, is an application specifically designed to allow users to connect to a Web-based platform and collaborate on and introduce changes to vital documents. MasterControl offers a quick document approval lifecycle that facilitates management in assigning and scheduling tasks. Document reviewers are instantly informed of pending tasks due before they are further escalated to the next reviewer in the authorization chain. All these factors enable companies to develop an easy-to-use, authenticated learning content management system that can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

Ensure Efficiency with Software for Learning Content Management

The concept of integration is central to modern learning content management technology. Companies use a variety of systems internally and want to be sure that those systems are able to communicate with one another without any data loss. MasterControl ensures that data can be reused and automatically transferred to different processes for their respective operations rather than repeatedly entered for various operations. The system provides standard and customizable forms that streamline the integration of multiple processes.

The MasterControl Process module provides cross-connectivity between various processes by allowing data sharing. The same information captured for CAPA can be automatically distributed to change control, customer complaint, audit, and similar data collection points. This eliminates mistakes caused by human errors and allows processes to develop in collaborative environments based on compliant programs.

The primary advantage of implementing an effective learning content management system is that companies are able to build an efficient and cost-effective training program. MasterControl Training ensures that the training information available in system is always latest. Management can easily develop automated user education programs to train employees about the latest changes or techniques in the development of products. Any change to a document or process that warrants new training automatically invokes the online learning content management system to email new training tasks to all affected personnel. Management can even test employees on their newfound knowledge by conducting online exams.

For More Information on Learning Content Management

For more information about the system from MasterControl for learning content management, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative