Learning Content Management Software Systems

Why Regulated and ISO Companies Should Implement a Learning Content Management Software System

Current FDA regulations and ISO standards require companies to comply with quality management standards. A learning content management software for training management can help companies sustain compliance.

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MasterControl Provides an Effective Learning Content Management Software System

Companies around the world are demanding reliable connectivity and the assurance that information can be securely shared across the enterprise. Regardless of a company's size, it is crucial that the most current information is readily available to all authorized users. This typically calls for the development of a learning content management system that can be used for the collection and development, and evaluation of the information that is collected. The primary function of such a system should be its ability to produce, store, and access all the documentation pertaining to the organization's standard operating procedures. With this type of system in place, management is empowered to pool relevant data, address basic issues, and feed pertinent information to customers, vendors, employees, and stakeholders.

Another vital aspect of a learning content management software system is its capacity to retrieve information in order to produce documents in various formats. In addition, the system must allow users to update and collaborate on these documents. Historical versions of documents must be available for reference, but the system should have a built-in failsafe that ensures that only the most current version of the document is actionable and available for updates.

MasterControl learning content management software systems are specifically designed to aid companies in fundamental automated documentation and training processes. With the help of MasterControl's content management software, companies are able to automate and perform the most basic to the most advanced training processes. With continuous changes in the processes, it becomes necessary to develop a transparent medium for incorporating and broadcasting changes. MasterControl helps companies achieve their objective by developing an effective learning content management software system mechanism.

MasterControl Learning Content Management Software Systems Facilitate Compliance

The MasterControl suite of applications equips companies with a reliable and compliant learning content management system. MasterControl Documents, the keystone of the MasterControl suite, is the primary application for managing, controlling, and securely storing compliance-related documents. The MasterControl learning management system automates and streamlines the entire document lifecycle including task assignment/routing, scheduling, follow-up, tracking, escalation, review, and approval of all document- and forms-based processes.

The MasterControl Training application allows organizations to develop a reliable and thorough learning content management system that automates the assignment and monitoring of learning tasks. MasterControl Training is integrated with MasterControl Documents so that any change in a document can be set to automatically trigger a training task and inform concerned personnel via email.

To ensure that team members are properly trained about recent changes to operating procedures, the learning content management software system also handles the grading of online exams and the sequencing of training courses. The comprehensive MasterControl system also integrates document and training processes with other quality processes such as change control, customer complaints, corrective/preventive action (CAPA), and audits for a completely connected approach to quality and compliance. Ultimately, companies are able to achieve and sustain compliance by relying on a system that bridges communication gaps, facilitates collaboration, and ensures long-lasting profitability.

For More Information About Learning Content Management Software Systems

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