ISO Software

Confused about ISO quality standards? ISO software can help navigate the morass.

According to ISO, the ISO 9000 family of standards represents an international consensus on good quality management practices which can be achieved by implementing ISO software. The various distinctions regarding these standards can be confusing however.

This page of ISO software describes the differences between ISO 9000 and ISO 9001, and between ISO 9000 2000 and ISO 9000 2001. It also explains the new ISO 9001 2008 standard.

This should be helpful to companies desiring to purchase ISO software for implementing a quality system that satisfies the requirements of ISO. It should also be helpful to companies desiring to upgrade their outmoded quality management system to a more integrated system using ISO software.

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The Difference Between 9000 and 9001 ISO Software

In a narrow sense, ISO 9000 refers to the ISO 9000 standard itself (which specifies definitions and vocabulary for efficient ISO software). In a general sense, however, the term ISO 9000 designates all ISO standards that begin with ISO 900X. This includes ISO 9000, ISO 9000 2000, ISO 9000 2001, ISO 9001, ISO 9001 2000, ISO 9001 2001, etc. Generally speaking, when someone is talking about ISO 9000 and ISO software, they are referring to ISO 9000 in a general sense.

ISO 9001 refers specifically to the actual requirements of ISO for establishing a quality management system. ISO software is designed specifically to help companies implement a quality management system that meets all requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO Software for 9000 2000 and 9000 2001 Differences

As noted above, in a narrow sense ISO 9000 refers to the ISO 9000 standard itself (which specifies definitions and vocabulary). Hence, ISO 9000 2000 and ISO 9000 2001 both refer to the definitions and vocabulary of the ISO software and ISO 9000 series standard. The difference is that ISO 9000 2000 is an earlier version and ISO 9000 2001 is a later version. In other words, 9000 2001 will have the more recent definitions and vocabulary established by the ISO 9000 series standard.

ISO Software for 9001 2008

The most current ISO quality standard, ISO 9001 2008 and MasterControl's ISO software provides the most up-to-date definitions and vocabulary published by ISO and, also, the most recent requirements for the ISO 9001 quality standard. These requirements specify that companies must:

  • Establish their organization's quality management standards
  • Document their organization's quality management standards
  • Implement their organization's quality management standards
  • Maintain their organization's quality management standards
  • Improve their organization's quality management standards

ISO Software from MasterControl

The ISO software from MasterControl consists of integrated, Web-based modules designed to facilitate the documentation, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of a quality management system.

Our document control system / document management system is particularly critical for ISO certification. This is because it provides quick access to the various components of a company's quality management system, including training management, customer complaints, CAPA, deviations management, nonconformance, audit management, etc. This provides the detailed information needed during an ISO audit, and is also very impressive to auditors while using ISO software by MasterControl.

Even more important, this ISO software gives upper management the ability to monitor a company's quality management system on a continuous basis to ensure its integrity and adherence to ISO standards.

To learn more on ISO Software

To learn more about ISO software and how MasterControl can help your company meet and exceed current requirements, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.