CLIA Application

MasterControl Provides Easy Solutions to Companies for CLIA Application According to Regulated Industry

According to the most recent CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), any clinical laboratory that performs diagnostic, preventative, or treatment-based testing on human specimens must obtain CLIA certification by submitting a CLIA application and renew the applicable certificate(s) every two years.

This can be extremely challenging without a CLIA integrated software.

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Why a CLIA Application is Important

Obtaining (and maintaining) CLIA certification requires clinical laboratories to effectively manage their documents and processes -- including their CAPA, training assessment, customer complaints, and audit processes. Managing everything simultaneously can be extremely challenging without a CLIA application.

How a CLIA Application or Integrated Software Solution can Help Your Company

MasterControl, a provider of GxP Process, quality audit and document control software provides a CLIA application in the form of integrated solutions that can be launched from a single Web-based platform and used to streamline and automate the tasks associated with the following:

  • Contrôle des documents
  • Contrôle du changement
  • CAPA
  • Employee Training
  • Customer Complaints
  • Audits

Types of CLIA Certification that a CLIA Application can Help With

The different types of CLIA certification where a CLIA application can help with are listed below:

  • COS (Certificate of Waiver)
  • PPM (Certificate for Provider Performed Microscopy)
  • Registration Certificate
  • COC (Certificate of Compliance)
  • COA (Certificate of Accreditation)

For More Information on CLIA Application

To learn more about CLIA, and the CLIA application that MasterControl provides (in the form of Web-based, integrated software solutions), please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.