Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Software Systems

Automate Paper-based Change Control Processes with Automotive & Aerospace Change Control Software Systems to Conform to QS 9000 / TS 16949 Quality Standards

MasterControl offers automotive and aerospace change control software systems for the ISO environment, with the concept of change control which is closely interweaved with conformance. ISO-certified aerospace manufacturers, defense contractors, and related engineering firms and suppliers are expected to establish change control procedures as a way of improving overall product quality. ISO 9000 and AS9000 require management to examine all changes that might affect the quality system. ISO 14000 requires correction of nonconformities, including modification of documents, and at the same time maintaining procedures to control documents.

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Effective Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Software Systems Save Lives

The traditional approach of designing automotive and aerospace equipment has been replaced with modern methods that implement complex changes in designs without difficulty. Companies are now using software tools to embed changes in their existing procedures which, in turn, have led to an evolution in the nature of hazards caused by such equipment. It is important to implement hazard analysis techniques within standard operating procedures so that changes made to existing processes are accurately monitored to ensure that the modifications are safe and in no way cause any harm to human life.

MasterControl automotive and aerospace change control software systems are specifically designed to aid companies in ensuring that the changes implemented to existing procedures are documented, verified, and correctly implemented.

Continuous Compliance with MasterControl Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Systems

Recent advancements in change control derivation and implementation clearly emphasize the need for compliance with FDA, ISO, and GMP regulations. At MasterControl, we recognize that compliance is a state, not an event. Compliance with regulatory policies is a continuous effort that requires constant planning to sustain and maintain adherence with regulations. MasterControl automotive and aerospace change control systems are optimized, web-based solutions designed to ensure that companies are able to plan, execute, and monitor change control processes by automating some of the basic task activities. Activities automated by MasterControl automotive and aerospace change control systems include notification, follow-up, and escalation of overdue assignments.

Automation is the best way to simplify tasks and lessen the burdens on staff that are responsible for change control tasks. Similarly, MasterControl automotive and aerospace change control software systems offer pre-configured forms that aid employees in better implementation of change control processes. Since the collection and tracking of data is drastically simplified by MasterControl, managers are also able to conduct and readily monitor various stages of change control such as the submission, evaluation, approval/ rejection, implementation, verification, and close of project, without any difficulty.

MasterControl Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Systems is Entirely Automated

Any forms-based process unique to a particular department (i.e., application forms for HR, customer satisfaction survey forms for Customer Service Department, etc.) can also be automated with MasterControl. A department can keep the look and function of existing forms or create entirely new ones.

Revision control is a feature specifically provided so that companies can ensure that only the most updated version of change control document is consulted by employees throughout the organization. Imagine the repercussions of consulting an outdated document: not only does the automotive or aerospace company assemble faulty equipment but an instance of noncompliance has also occurred, which ultimately results in injury to corporate reputation, loss of revenue, and in some cases - loss of manufacturing license. For this reason, MasterControl automotive and aerospace change control software allows check-in and check-out features that automatically replace the existing documents with updated ones after the revisions are made.

MasterControl Provides a Holistic Approach to Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Systems

Change control processes are complex and require thorough integration between various elements including resources, employees, and procedures residing within the system. This is the reason MasterControl automotive and aerospace change control systems provide integrated quality management. The software is entirely web-based which allows employees, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and other involved parties to be connected with the change control process regardless of location. Change control processes carried out within the MasterControl system are electronically approved and tracked with the help of signatures that are appended with date, name, and time attached to each document. Instead of wasting time waiting for approvals, documents are automatically routed to concerned personnel so that documents may be approved and readily available without any delay. Along the same lines, tasks can be made dependent, which gives managers more control of the workflow and reduces cycle time by immediately prompting users to their next task. An innovative dependency tree illustrates relationships between dependent processes.

A change submission form can be launched directly from another form, such as a corrective / preventive action (CAPA) form. Pertinent information from the CAPA form will be automatically entered into the change submission, reducing data entry and any subsequent manual errors. Links are maintained so users can review a completed process and see what triggered the change.

MasterControl is a Complete Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Software System for Companies of All Sizes

The majority of software systems on the market that are targeted to fulfil automotive and aerospace change control purposes are specifically designed to accommodate change control process for companies of a certain size or scope. MasterControl's automotive and aerospace change control software system meets the change control needs of companies of any magnitude, which makes it an enterprise-wide product application. Changes take place in every department constantly, which is why is it important to integrate the change control processes with a unified software system like MasterControl that connects different departments. MasterControl's automotive and aerospace change control software can integrate with other applications like ERP, LIMS, accounting, and human resources applications to accommodate cross-departmental needs.

To facilitate employees in basic search activities, a standardized Google-like search window is available throughout the application, which means all authorized users throughout the organization can search and retrieve change control-related tasks and documents. Apart from conducting elaborate or simple searches, employees can also easily organize search results through MasterControl's Explorers. Only authorized administrators are provided an added facility to manage these folders by updating documents through a dynamic link in the system's unique "InfoCards".

Automotive and aerospace companies can also generate several types of varied reports to observe the progress of adapting to changes in processes for each department within the organization. The advanced analytics and reporting functionality allows top-level management to evaluate the highs and lows of the business and make sound decisions on the basis of the statistics and real-time data.

For More Information on Automotive and Aerospace Change Control Software Systems

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