Audit Management Programs

MasterControl audit management programs meet the needs of both large and small companies.

To accommodate companies and their different needs, MasterControl audit management programs offer a complete audit application that addresses all dimensions of audit. MasterControl Audit is designed to accommodate audit-related activities for any small or large organization. Running an audit can be challenging considering the number of steps involved; however, MasterControl Audit ensures that each audit-related task is efficiently completed.

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How MasterControl Audit Management Programs Take Care of a Company's Audit Needs

The majority of audit programs offered in the market only address a certain segment of businesses. Some audit programs are designed to accommodate companies with smaller setups whereas other programs focus on large-scale enterprises. However, MasterControl Audit can accommodate both types of companies in internal, external or customer audits. Companies can plan, schedule, and execute an audit that best fits their business requirements. This allows management to address weakness in different processes, and to ensure that strategies are designed for improvement.

Depending on the size of a business, audits can be complex in nature. Whether it's a compliance audit or a performance audit, the process typically involves a close examination of a specific product or service against corresponding requirements or regulations. It entails a systematic gathering of facts and comparison of evidence with the requirements. It involves numerous stakeholders internally (employees) and externally (consultants, suppliers). Many of the processes are linked to each other. Sometimes, the input of a process depends on the output of another. For the audit to run smoothly, processes and people in the organization must interact and collaborate with each other. For this reason, MasterControl audit management program provides a web-based platform that directly aligns employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders with the audit process. All audit-related documentation is readily available on a consolidated platform. Each user can view the status of tasks in the audit process. This transparency allows users to identify issues in the system and resolve them accordingly.

For audits to be an effective compliance and improvement tool, they have to be conducted regularly. Manual scheduling of audit-related tasks can be cumbersome and there is always a risk of overlooking audit activities. For this reason, MasterControl's audit management program allows automation of audit scheduling. Completing an audit successfully is only part of the challenge. After the audit is conducted, companies must be able to retrieve and interpret all relevant information. MasterControl provides two forms to track and collect the audit-related information, which is then presented in an understandable format through different types of reports including GLP-required Master Schedule and QA Statements, and the GCP Compliance Statement.

MasterControl's Audit Management Programs Can Help Negate Risk and Integrate Other Quality Processes

MasterControl's audit management program helps prevent occurrence of risks. As the audit process constantly evaluates different business areas, it allows management to view the weak links in business. Risks can impact the business without any warning which is why frequent audits can help identify elements that pose threats to the company's business. MasterControl Audit can be integrated with our risk management software to identify, manage, and mitigate risks.

MasterControl's audit management program is a complete audit application that integrates different processes with the audits. The CAPA process can be connected to the audit process, allowing users to directly launch a CAPA action and resolve issues quickly. The audit process can also be connected to document control, change control, training control, and other critical processes. MasterControl's automatic revision control feature ensures that only the current version of a document is available and old documents don't resurface. Management can also connect different operations that enable the automated launch of a process without any human intervention. MasterControl Audit is based on the guidelines provided by the FDA and ISO, which also enables a compliant environment for the execution of audit processes.

For More Information on Audit Management Programs

For more information about the audit management programs that we offer, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.