Small Business Document Management Software Systems

Get Giant-featured Document Management Software Systems at a Small Business Price

If you're a DAVID-SIZED life science company and don't think you can afford a Document Management Software System (DMS) used by the industry's GOLIATH-SIZED companies---think again! MasterControl offers affordable small business document management software systems specifically designed to help smaller life science companies implement an enterprise-class, best practice system to compete with the industry big boys.

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A Powerful Document Management Software System for Only the Cost of a Small Business Cell Phone Contract

Purchasing a MasterControl Spark solution is like buying a company cell phone contract---except the benefits are much greater! For as little as most small businesses spend on cell phones for employees each month you can have access to MasterControl's robust, preconfigured document management software system that is based on industry best practices. Also similar to cell phone contracts, MasterControl Spark purchases are two-year contracts; if you're not satisfied with the system's performance, you're not stuck with it over the long haul.

Software System that Grows as Your Business Grows

Unlike other offerings, MasterControl software is not a stripped down system---it is a fully scalable system that can support up to 40 users and be added upon as your enterprise develops. As the company flourishes, other useful MasterControl solutions can be seamlessly added to increase efficiency while maintaining regulatory compliance.

No IT Department Help Needed

With MasterControl you don't need an IT department or system administrator-MasterControl's experts handle these responsibilities for you. Spark customers are able to add a robust DMS without having to hire additional staff to oversee it.

MasterControl has been helping life sciences companies of all business sizes manage and control documentation since 1993. Compared with other newcomer solution providers in the document management market, MasterControl offers unparalleled stability, longevity, and potential for growth.

Document Management Software Systems Validated in as Little as Two Weeks

MasterControl Spark solutions are ready out-of-the-box. A fully validated document management software system can be implemented in as little as two weeks. There is no special hardware to buy or system to configure. Data backup, antivirus protection, and redundant hardware are all provided with minimal upfront costs.

Business-wide Connectivity

MasterControl's integrated Spark solutions connect users, data, and processes in a centralized, secure software system. This connectivity vastly improves communication and efficiency and ensures that goals and objectives are met and completed in a timely fashion.

Key benefits of MasterControl's Spark product offerings:

  • Affordability
  • Scalability
  • Easy implementation
  • Enterprise-class system

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