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MasterControl’s document manager software gives document managers the power to control scalable documentation pertaining to all business operations

In order to manage documents pertaining to standard operating procedures, HR policies and other documentation, companies usually hire services of a document manager. Such a candidate is responsible for maintaining documentation inventory for fast search and retrieval of documents. Moreover, a document manager also routes specific documents to employees for their reference. Thus, primary responsibility of the document manager is to iterate a continuous cycle of arranging, updating and maintaining documents. Any slippage in this routine can cause a state of panic followed by chaos for the entire company. As the candidate maintains SOPs, it is necessary to provide employees with the most updated version of such documents otherwise company can incur irrevocable losses with respect to revenue, capital and market reputation.

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MasterControl's Document Manager

With time, the majority of companies have shifted their focus on bringing order in the way operations are managed. In the recent past, paper-based or partially electronic document control systems proved to be inadequate in managing standard operating procedures. Document managers for companies based on multiple locations face the challenge of having employees work together to bring culmination to processes in the system. Such companies always run the risk of executing procedures based on out-dated documents. This leads to FDA-483 citations or ISO non-conformance that both result in serious consequences for the future of any company. The only solution is to incorporate processes for managing all documentation under a single platform so that documents are readily available to employees from virtually anywhere.

This is where MasterControl Documents comes into the picture by allowing business/content services and document managers to use software in highly regulated environments. The MasterControl Documents solution allows companies to manage documents faster and more accurately. Best of all, MasterControl Documents allows companies to get rid of most (or all) of their manual documentation processes.

Additional Benefits of a Document Manager Software

MasterControl Documents solution, built with a scalable architecture, supports most industry-standard databases. The primary purpose is to ensure document compliance with regulations and industry standards. MasterControl’s document manager solution provides companies with a secure web-based platform to store all documentation pertaining to standard operating procedures. The authorized users can access this repository to retrieve the latest documents which helps in eliminating the risk of using out-dated documents in performing procedures. MasterControl’s document manager solution helps in ensuring that the recursive rounds of editing, reviewing and approvals are properly streamlined. This way, documents are escalated and approved by the concerned personnel without any delay. The revision control feature automatically timestamps the document as the user makes changes. Moreover, any change made in the document is tracked which helps the reviewer in identifying the changes without any hassle. All these factors ensure that the documents are approved and stored in the virtual vaults for users to refer to in less time.

The top level management requires a comprehensive overview of how well various departments are performing. MasterControl’s document manager software helps managers make important business decisions by generating different types of reports. The electronic audit trail provides companies with the added advantage of performing business the right way. The software is fully capable of validation plans such as IQ, OQ and PQ. The most important functionality of any software is its integration with other products. This helps in connecting different processes and performing functions in the system. MasterControl’s document manager software fully integrates with various MasterControl applications as well with the Kofax interface that is used for direct input of scanned documents to the MasterControl solution. Because of this reason, MasterControl Documents is the first choice for leading companies around the globe for managing and controlling documentation in regulated environments.

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