Document Collaboration Tools

Document Collaboration Tools ensure well managed documentation processes and procedures for companies to facilitate compliance in regulatory environments.

One of the biggest challenges for any company is to manufacture cost-effective products that adhere to regulatory guidelines such as FDA regulations. Compliance can only be achieved by bringing transparency to the way processes are carried out in the organization. This implies that all the departments are adhering to the latest set of procedures. Companies based in multiple locations, especially those with a huge number of employees, usually find it daunting to maintain uniformity in carrying out processes. There is always the risk of miscommunication and product batch manufacturing problems caused by following an outdated SOP.

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Paper-based or hybrid systems may present the possibility of managing processes by documenting the procedures. However, eventually some common tasks such as searching, retrieval, audit control, etc., are difficult to perform. To avoid this situation, companies want to incorporate document control in the business. Document collaboration tools are specifically implemented to ensure that employees are following the updated procedures in carrying out various processes.

For companies doing business in regulatory environments, inefficient document management and collaboration processes can dramatically impede a product's time to market. MasterControl's document collaboration tools offer a cutting-edge document management collaboration solution that streamlines document collaboration and management processes and reduces the overall time it takes to get a product to market.

The MasterControl Document Collaboration Tools Solution

MasterControl Documents is used by hundreds of companies around the world that are required to incorporate regulatory best practices into their document collaboration processes. The MasterControl Documents software solution is the first document management and collaboration solution designed to specifically facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11. The ready-to-use document collaboration tools help in automating change management, training management, and other document and forms data-collection processes, all in a secure, centralized Web-based repository.

Collaborate Using MasterControl's Document Collaboration Tools

MasterControl's Document Collaboration Tools provides companies with a web-based repository that maintains documentation in a secure environment. MasterControl's document collaboration tools adhere to FDA and ISO regulations. Employees are provided with the facility of collaborating together to update documents. The hassle of requesting to discuss change in face-to-face meetings is completely eliminated. Plus, companies can save time by escalating the routing and approval of documents and be assured that employees are always accessing the latest SOPs. The revision control feature enables users to view the tracked changes made to the document. Built-in reporting tools also help managers generate timely reports and view various statistics of the business.

Facts about MasterControl's Document Collaboration Tools

  • An off-the-shelf configurable document collaboration tool specifically engineered for rapid installation, implementation, and validation
  • Ensures documentation integrity so users always have access to the most up-to-date documentation
  • Drastically reduces the time it takes to bring a new product to market by accelerating document change, approval, notification, collaboration and distribution processes

The Document Collaboration Tools Resource Center

For more information about document collaboration solutions and other related industry topics visit MasterControl's online Resource Center. Complimentary white papers, training downloads, tech papers, and other industry specific literature are available to help companies doing business in regulatory environments achieve their GxP goals.

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