Content Management Software System

Implementing an Electronic Document Management or a Content Management Software System

Applying FDA regulation best practices for document content management to the processes of an entire enterprise can seem like a formidable task. When faced with managing GxP-related documentation, hundreds of companies worldwide are turning to MasterControl's Content Management Software System for their document content management.

The Content Management System for document management from MasterControl has been successfully used for more than a decade. Our document control software system was the first software to specifically address compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

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Many companies want to attain ISO compliance to demonstrate their business expertise. ISO standards, such as 9000, 9001, and 14000, require companies to document every process that exists in the system. This documentation process can be difficult because each department within a company must closely monitor their procedures and compile them in the proper order. Any deviation from a single step can cause manufacturing havoc. This is where MasterControl's content management software system comes to the rescue, helping companies document, control and maintain all the SOPs in their businesses.

Ensure Compliance with a Content Management Software System from MasterControl

In the age of information technology, many companies face the challenge of keeping their documentation aligned with their standard operating procedures. Previously, paper-based or hybrid systems provided a workable solution to manage documentation related to procedures. However, constant procedural updates are inconvenient and can cause non-conformity in the manufacturing processes. As a result, many enterprises are searching for content management software that helps companies correctly document all their operating procedures.

MasterControl's content management system is fully capable of maintaining updated versions of documents that can be accessed by authorized users from anywhere across the globe.

MasterControl's content management software is a web-based repository that is easily accessible by Internet users through individual login credentials. Companies concerned with maintaining a current, convenient document system find that MasterControl's content management software helps in escalating, routing and approval of documents without excessive delays. The advanced tracking feature facilitates the reviewing process for managers, which accelerates document approval. Any user updating the document must also enter the reason for change. The streamlined collaboration speeds task completion between departments. Apart from this, MasterControl's content management software provides companies with the necessary analytics for generating timely reports that are a business necessity.

MasterControl's Content Management Software System is specifically designed to meet the needs of companies competing within the rigorous FDA and ISO regulated environments. Our solution for document management provides:

  • Revision control
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Security
  • Advanced tracking in Content Management System
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Electronic sign-offs
  • Management of any document type (Exel spreadsheets, CAD drawings, etc.)
  • Easy access
  • Automates routing, escalation, and approval
  • Streamlines collaboration
  • Pre-defined workflow
  • Content Management Software System is Integrated with other applications

When combined with MasterControl's other applications, companies have a complete approach to process and content management automation.

To Learn More on Content Management Software Systems

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