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MasterControl Exams, a Module of the MasterControl Training Exams Software, Automates Training Exams and Employee Competency Testing for Regulatory Compliance

MasterControl Exams is a simple, effective way to ensure (and demonstrate to global regulatory bodies) that all employees have the competency to perform their job responsibilities. By eliminating the need to have employee competencies witnessed by a verifier, and by helping employees focus on what they need to learn by providing pre-exams, the training exams software also saves companies time and money.

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How can MasterControl Exams™ Benefit You?

The MasterControl Exams module, an optional upgrade to MasterControl Training, automates administering and grading exams, as well as documenting employee competencies.

Training Exams Software Testing and Competency Challenges

MasterControl Exams Solution

Disconnected Employee Training and Competency

Without training exams software for testing employee competencies that's connected electronically with the rest of a company's quality system, companies can spend inordinate amounts of time administering, grading and recording the results of exams, or, alternatively, witnessing and verifying employee competencies.

Efficient Training Management and Tracking Software

Because the MasterControl Exams module is connected to MasterControl Training software, once an employee completes a training course or receives a new SOP, s/he is immediately notified electronically of the need to take an exam. If an employee takes and fails an exam, s/he can be allowed to retake it. (Exam questions can be randomized so that employees receive different questions.)

Inefficient Training

With a manual system the process of having to physically update training files can also result in omissions or errors, a significant drawback in a quality system which can be catered by the MasterControl exams module installation.

Efficient Training System

After an employee takes an online exam through training exams software, his or her exam is auto-graded and instantaneously recorded. If the employee passes the exam, his or her training file is immediately updated.

System Overload

Another drawback to a manual system is that it can easily become overloaded, resulting in some employees inadvertently slipping through the cracks and not reading an SOP associated with their job responsibilities.

Automatic Tracking

By monitoring the training status of all employees, the MasterControl Exams module ensures that every employee who takes a training course or is affected by a new SOP takes the required exam.

Features of Training Exams Software

With MasterControl Exams module, authorized users can create a variety of different types of exams. The user can set a time limit on taking the exam within the training exams software, and specify whether the exam is open book or closed book.

Exam questions

MasterControl Exams module can consist of any number of the following types of questions:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • Sequencing
  • Numeric (numeric questions require that employees perform calculations enter the results using their numeric keypad)
Other design options

An authorized user designing a test may also:

  • Include weighted questions (employees receive more points for answering these questions correctly)
  • Require that employees answer certain required questions correctly in order to pass the exam
  • Specify that questions be randomized (required questions will be on all versions of a randomized exam)
  • Specify the number of exam retakes allowed in the training exams software
The purpose of the pre-exam

If a pre-exam is associated with a course in the MasterControl Exams module, a trainee will not be able to take the final exam until s/he completes the pre-exam. The pre-exam can be useful in highlighting important or new topics/information that employees should focus on when taking a course or reviewing a new SOP.

Taking exams

An employee selects the exam s/he needs to take from a list of training tasks in the training exams software. When the exam opens, the employee can begin answering questions. When s/he is finished, the exam is auto-graded and the grade is recorded. The employee is shown which questions s/he answered correctly and which answers were incorrect and whether s/he passed or failed the exam. If a failing grade is received, and the course option allows employees to retake the exam, the employee will be required to do so (i.e., the signoff button will be grayedout inactivated).

Alternatively, if the employee has retaken the exam the allotted number of times permitted and has no retakes left, the signoff button will be activated, and the action button to start the exam will be removed.

The results for all exams will be recorded and visible for the verifier when reviewing the task in the training exams software.

  • If an employee passes the exam, s/he can sign off on the training task in the MasterControl Exams module and the task will be sent to the verifier if verification is required. If verification is not required the task will be marked complete and the employee's training file will be updated automatically.
  • If an employee fails the exam (including all exam retakes), s/he is required to sign off on the task, which then goes to the verifier, whose only option is to send the task back to the employee. The verifier and employee can then work together within the training exams software to help the employee pass the exam.

Summary of MasterControl Exams Module

The MasterControl Exams module is connected to the rest of the MasterControl quality system, streamlining the exam administration process. This greatly enhances the value of a company's quality system by ensuring that there is evidence of employee competency necessary for the effective performance of their job responsibilities. Training exams software can also save companies a great deal of time and money, primarily by eliminating the need to have employee competencies witnessed by a verifier and by providing pre-exams that help employees focus on what they need to learn.

To Learn More About the MasterControl Exams Module

Effective, efficient employee training management software systems is vitally important to the quality and safety of regulated company services and processes. To learn more about MasterControl's Exams module, contact MasterControl online or call toll free at 1.800.825.9117 to speak with a representative.