MasterControl Taxonomy Explorers™

The processes involved in creating — and maintaining — large collections of documentation for regulatory submissions, audits, or design history files are prone to error and require a continuing, significant effort. With so many mountains of paperwork it often seems impossible to keep these collections organized, let alone know the status of critical documents at all times.

How Can MasterControl Taxonomy Explorers™ Benefit You?

MasterControl Taxonomy Explorers™ allows each group within the enterprise to have its own unique taxonomy with the capability to have a single document exist in one or more taxonomies. Critical documents—SOPs, drawings, contracts, clinical documents, or any type of submission documentation—can be automatically categorized and updated by the MasterControl system. MasterControl allows you to take your explorers to the next level—or as many levels as you want.

Here are some examples of how MasterControl helps companies effectively manage documentation and taxonomy challenges:


MasterControl Solution

Incongruous Systems

Most preconfigured folder structures are designed to meet the needs of programmers or expert committees—not individual users. Users are forced to wade through documents that are not relevant to their tasks in order to get the information they need.

Browseable Folder Structure

MasterControl Taxonomy Explorers features an easy to use interface similar to Windows Explorer with a folder structure defined by MasterControl “InfoCards” and custom metadata. MasterControl’s multiple folder structures allow individual users to view information in the way that makes the most sense to them.

Unknown Document Status

Managers frequently have difficulty determining the status of critical documents. In some cases, authors in different groups may duplicate efforts and create the same document because the system in place does not allow the right hand to know what the left hand is doing.

Up-to-date Documents

Based on metadata from InfoCards and custom fields, MasterControl ensures that documents are automatically updated in the system as soon as they are saved. MasterControl’s checks and balances allow users to know exactly what types of information are stored in the system’s explorers.

Burdensome Maintenance

Many companies waste exorbitant amounts of time and staff resources attempting to maintain network shares and folder structures and manage the creation and status of critical documents.

Automatic System Maintenance

The MasterControl system insures that critical documents are securely stored in a central repository.

MasterControl Taxonomy Explorers™ Features and Benefits:

  • Familiar Structure: MasterControl Taxonomy Explorers gives users a “browseable” structure that is analogous to Microsoft Windows®, but better. With MasterControl, multiple taxonomy explorers can be maintained for different groups while still maintaining document security since the explorers contain only links to the documents, not the documents themselves.
  • Flexible System: Companies can set up several different kinds of taxonomies based on the various groups and departments that need to view different information in specific ways. System administrators are quickly able to build a folder structure that works best for their user groups.
  • Well-defined View Rights: With MasterControl, access control rights are not infringed by the taxonomy. Vault rights determine which users are authorized to view a document. The system uses the metadata to determine those InfoCard types displayed to the user. When the Taxonomy is created, the admin is shown which document types will be included (based on the metadata), thus assuring that users will only be shown the appropriate document types.
  • Custom Metadata: MasterControl helps companies eliminate mistakes by offering dictionary-based custom metadata. Values are easily added for a new product, project, or site.
  • Web-based Solution: MasterControl insures that all departments are interconnected with data and processes, all within a secure and centralized Web-based system. This connectivity helps promote quality throughout the enterprise by allowing management to continuously monitor and proactively improve quality processes. MasterControl helps companies meet regulatory standards, while at simultaneously increasing efficiency and keeping costs down.
  • Continuous Validation™: MasterControl considers validation an integral part of software solutions for customers subject to regulator requirements. Our “continuous validation” approach dramatically cuts the time, pain, and cost involved in validation, making it easier to re-validate future upgrades. MasterControl’s continuum of products and services address different levels of validation needs based on individual risk assessment, including innovative products and services such as MasterControl Transfer OQ.