MasterControl Global Services

MasterControl is dedicated to continuous process improvement, the development of innovative software and unsurpassed customer service.

If MasterControl's Services were painted as a picture they would look something like this:

The MasterControl Services Team combines Education Services, Professional Services, Project Management, Validation Services and Technical Support so that every MasterControl customer has a doorway to achievement. Want to learn more?

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Here's a brief overview of MasterControl's Services:

Education Services

MasterControl's Education Services mold professionals from any industry into MasterControl experts. Whether MasterControl educators are teaching the skills required to make great System Administrators or well versed end-users, MasterControl provides educational opportunities that meet the needs of any business.

MasterControl offers the following education services:

  • MasterControl Core Education (at MasterControl's Education Center or at Your Business's Location)
  • Recorded Online Training (MasterControl University On-Demand)
  • Live Online Training
  • Free Pre-Recorded Webinars
  • MasterControl Certifications
  • Customer Events (Masters Summit, Regional User Group Meetings, CAPA Workshops)
  • Learning Materials

Project Management Services

Within Project Management, dedicated Project professionals are assigned to every customer's implementation project to initiate, manage and complete the overall implementation of MasterControl throughout a customer's enterprise.

Project Management Services provide a comprehensive implementation project plan and these additional services:

  • The development of project scope and the management of the project's change control process
  • Communication and accountability with customer resources from within the organization
  • The identification and formulation of mitigation plans to minimize project risk
  • The maintenance of the overall implementation budget and the presentation of key milestones to executive team

Professional Services

Professional services offered by MasterControl include Business Process Consulting & Development, Best Practices Implementation Services, Project Management and Integration Services, and Full-Cycle Validation Services.

  • Business Process Consulting and Development

    Understanding business processes and how they can be streamlined for greatest impact is often the most important step before software implementation takes place. This type of understanding is especially applicable when a company transitions from manual (or semi-manual processes) to automated processes like the ones that MasterControl provides. To ensure that MasterControl software works in synchronization with a company's processes, MasterControl provides business process consultation and development for optimum business process management and the expert development that ensures that business processes meet the user requirements of any organization.

  • Best Practices Implementation Services

    As mentioned above, best practices implementation services are organized, managed and completed by the MasterControl project office. Our consultants are with you every step of the way, engaging your team in analyzing problems, devising solutions that make the most of your MasterControl software and configuring the system to provide maximum value for your investment.

  • Projektmanagement

    MasterControl Project Management services are the impetus behind the implementation, integration and full-scale deployment of your MasterControl system. Successful project management is crucial to a company's overall competitiveness in their market and may also greatly affect a company's level of compliance. The MasterControl Project Management team drives a project forward as quickly as possible while maintaining projected budgets and overall user requirements.

  • Integration Management

    MasterControl can integrate its software solutions with many of the ERP, CRM, MES and PDM applications currently used in many regulated or non-regulated business environments. The MasterControl API Toolkit allows these systems to seamlessly function with MasterControl solutions and more effectively control documentation, training, audits, Bill of Materials management and business process controls, etc.

  • Full-Cycle Validation Services

    Validation often requires a serious amount of time and expertise. No matter how much time your company has or how much in-house validation expertise your company has access to, MasterControl can provide any level of validation support. From validation consultation and validation education to the provision of validation protocols, custom protocol development, GxP documentation services or full-scale validation packages, MasterControl provides smooth transitions into and out of the validation process.

  • Technischer Support

    Technical Support at MasterControl is just a phone call away and it includes Installation (first stage implementation), Maintenance Support, IT Training, Custom Support Options and the Self-Service Web Portal where customers can submit issues at any time. Customers can also feel free to submit enhancement ideas, review the status of a reported issue or review an enhancement report. Customers may also search MasterControl's online Solutions Knowledge Base where a wealth of get-it-done knowledge awaits customers who want to get the job done right.