Implementation Services

With more than two decades of experience, MasterControl has developed time-tested implementation and migration tools as well as strategies for helping companies efficiently deploy its enterprise quality management software (EQMS). MasterControl works to combine industry best practices within the scope of your unique implementation requirements and streamlines the process from start to finish.

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As you prepare for your MasterControl software implementation, consider the following services:

Process Consultation - MasterControl business process consultants, project managers and the technical field services group work with you to optimize, re-define (if necessary) and test business process workflows including quality event management and GxP workflows for life science companies. MasterControl's project managers also provide a sense of continuity throughout the implementation process so there are no 'sticky spots' that result in serious time delays.

Implementation - MasterControl's technical support team installs your MasterControl software remotely (via WebEx) and assists in working with your company's network. Your professional services consultants (see description above) then import users, documents and training records, as well as any additional required documents, and finally customize field attributes to meet user requirements.

Customer Training - Most companies assign their key personnel in IT, document control, quality, clinical or regulatory affairs to learn the MasterControl suite in depth, which is necessary during the implementation process. Customer training is essential for realizing the full potential of MasterControl's EQMS.

Contact to learn more about MasterControl's implementation services please contact a MasterControl representative.