MasterControl Partner Program

Our success relies heavily on your success; that is why we’ve designed the MasterControl Partner Program, a mutually beneficial program that makes it easy (and lucrative) for you to market or sell MasterControl products and services. This document describes the different partner categories, as well as the basic elements of the Program and the value it brings to you and your customers. You will also find information on what’s expected of a partner and how to join the program.

MasterControl Partner Program Levels of Participation

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

VAR s sell and deliver MasterControl implementation services to their customers. Typically, VAR s will also manage the installation, configuration, and support services provided to customers. In return for these value-added services, VARs receive higher margins than basic Resellers. VARs also have the opportunity to participate in t he MasterControl VAR Status Program, a multi-tiered program that allows partners to participate at a commitment level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) that aligns with their business and distribution models. While benefits and rewards vary depending upon status level, most partners enjoy marketing, sales, and implementation support; a structured training, mentoring, and certification program; discount pricing; and, most importantly, the opportunity to generate significant profits and recurring revenue. Each VAR opportunity  is assigned a MasterControl Regional Account Executive (RAE); the RAE works with both the VAR Partner and their prospect to help ensure success.
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Technology Partners

Technology Partners provide customers with enhanced technical solutions that have been optimized to work in unison with MasterControl offerings to deliver maximum value and performance. All MasterControl Technology Partners have strong marketing functions, outstanding technology, and a wide breadth of development capabilities, which they leverage in MasterControl solutions. MasterControl’s current Technology Partners provide products and services to our customers throughout the world; their products and services might be integrated with MasterControl products, or solutions that MasterControl can promote and sell.
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Referral Partners 

Referral Partners introduce MasterControl to organizations that are searching for quality management software and might benefit from MasterControl’s integrated, configurable solutions. Referral Partners receive a commission based on the total software sale. If a Referral Partner chooses to personally help nurture the lead, the commission is increased significantly. There are no costs or ongoing commitments required to participate as a Referral Partner. Reselling is not required.
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Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners market MasterControl products and services; however, they do not deliver and implement the solutions or provide technical support. In addition, customers of basic Resellers typically receive customer support from MasterControl or an authorized MasterControl SI Partner (rather than from the Reseller directly). Reseller Partners receive significant training and support from MasterControl.

System Integrators

Systems Integrator (SI) Partners provide specialized implementation and consulting services that help customers obtain even more value from their MasterControl solutions. SI Partners are highly trained specialists and strategic partners with a vast range of experience and certifications who possess a thorough knowledge of MasterControl software and how it can be utilized to address regulatory compliance requirements. MasterControl p rovides a thorough training, mentoring, and certification program to ensure SI P artners are competent and confident in providing MasterControl solutions to customers.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partners

OEM Partners enhance the overall value of their software offering and gain a significant competitive advantage by bundling their solution(s) with some, or all, of the MasterControl product suite. Products that have typically benefited from the MasterControl/OEM arrangement include manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs), learning management systems (LMS), clinical products, hospital information systems (HIS), product lifecyle management systems (PLMs), and more.

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