ISO 22000

According to President Obama, Food Safety is due for an Overhaul and Should be According to ISO 22000 Standard, What does this Mean for Your Company?

One thing it means is tougher enforcement of existing standards. ISO 22000 is the standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization for Food Safety. ISO 22000 is modeled on ISO 9001 2000. Although it is designed to assure quality, ISO 22000 does not follow a prescriptive checklist approach. Instead, it allows an organization to develop a food safety management system that meets the needs of its suppliers and customers.

The following white papers can help you understand the requirements of ISO 22000.

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ISO 22000 and Food Safety

The key to food safety is the effective management of nonconformances which ensures compliance with ISO 22000 standards. Although this may seem simple, many companies don't have an effective nonconformance management system. Nor do they have an effective corrective action/ preventative action (CAPA) system to prevent nonconformances from recurring.

As a result, they are liable to fall short when it comes to ensuring food safety. ISO 22000 ensures food safety by requiring companies involved in the production or distribution of food to be audited by ISO inspectors and certified to meet the quality requirements of ISO 22000.

Inadequate Document Management with ISO 22000 Standards

Part of the focus of ISO 22000 is on ensuring adequate document management. This ensures that all of the components of a company's quality system are connected. The ISO standard recognizes that, without this connection, a quality control system is inherently weak.

Examples of connected quality control components include: employee training, customer complaints, CAPA, deviations, nonconformances, etc. ISO 22000 helps companies ensure high quality standards through the effective management (and documentation) of their entire quality management system.

MasterControl ISO 22000 Compliant Products and Services

MasterControl Inc., a leading provider of software for compliance with ISO 22000 and other ISO standards, has designed configurable, yet easy-to-use, integrated applications. These applications are uniquely suited to helping the food industry comply with ISO and federal regulatory requirements.

For More Information on ISO 22000

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