Clinical Laboratory News

How Technology for Clinical Management Streamlines Clinical Processes

Despite ample documented evidence in the clinical laboratory news that supports the importance of implementing a document and process management system, many clinical laboratories are still using antiquated paper-based or hybrid systems.

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Clinical Laboratory News: Clinicians and Healthcare Providers Caught in a Time Crunch

It may not be breaking news that clinical laboratory professionals need more time, but it should be. Clearly, this segment of the population faces a time crunch in meeting the increased responsibilities and demands of its industry, while still having time for professional development.

The absurdity of this state of affairs also deserves mention in the clinical laboratory news. There is no need for the frantic effort that inevitably accompanies the daily activities of most clinical laboratory professionals.

Clinical Laboratory News: MasterControl has the Solution

MasterControl, a developer and provider of software solutions and services for the life sciences industry, provides document control and other quality solutions that are designed to streamline processes associated product and clinical development and management.

Master Documents, for example, is a web-based solution that controls, tracks and effectively automates documentation (including SOPs, quality manuals, work orders, clinical lab incident management plans, etc.), while simultaneously providing document collaboration and training integration.

MasterControl also provides the quality and risk management software that laboratories need, as well as software for deviations, nonconformances, customer complaints, MasterControl CAPA, audit, change control, equipment calibration, project management, and more. These solutions are all web-based and can be configured into one MasterControl system.

Clinical Laboratory News: MasterControl Software also Save Companies Money Many Times Over

If you keep track of all the wasted time every individual in your organization expends searching for documents and performing repetitive or analytical processes that could be performed in no time at all by integrated software solutions, doesn't it make sense to take a look at different options?

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For more information about how MasterControl integrated software solutions can help with clinical management, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.