CLIA Certification

MasterControl Offers Solutions for Companies to make them Eligible for CLIA Certification

According to the most recent CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), any clinical laboratory that performs diagnostic, preventative, or treatment-based testing on human specimens must obtain CLIA certification and renew the applicable certificate(s) every two years.

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How to Obtain and Maintain CLIA Certification

Obtaining (and maintaining) CLIA certification requires clinical laboratories to effectively manage their documents and processes, CAPA, training assessment, customer complaints, and audit processes. Managing all of these requirements simultaneously can be extremely challenging with a paper-based or hybrid system.

MasterControl Can Help Clinical Laboratories Obtain and Maintain CLIA Certification

MasterControl, a provider of GxP Process, quality audit and document control software provides solutions that can be launched from one Web-based platform and used to streamline and automate the tasks associated to achieve CLIA certification with the following :

  • Dokumentenlenkung
  • Änderungssteuerung
  • CAPA
  • Training
  • Customer Complaints
  • Audits

Different Types of CLIA Certification that might be Required

The different types of CLIA certification that might be required of a company are listed below:

  • COS (Certificate of Waiver)
  • PPM (Certificate for Provider Performed Microscopy)
  • Registration Certificate
  • COC (Certificate of Compliance)
  • COA (Certificate of Accreditation)

For More Information on CLIA Certification

To learn more about the various types of CLIA certification, please refer to the government sponsored CLIA website.

Discover more on CLIA and how your company can establish a CLIA program that is effective and easy-to-manage, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.