Clinical Laboratory Science Basics

MasterControl Clinical Laboratory Science Basics: a Two-fold Requirement

In addition to intelligent employees and the adherence to sound scientific principles, important components of clinical laboratory science basics include clear and concise documentation (for traceability), compliance with clinical laboratory improvement amendments (CLIA), and a sound quality control system.

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Clinical Laboratory Science Basics and the Time Conundrum

Many clinical laboratory organizations manage quality and compliance related documentation, as well as their quality control systems, using paper-based or hybrid systems. Not only are these systems tedious, but they are also extremely time consuming. This situation can seriously imperil the requirements of clinical laboratory science basics that are outlined above (traceability, compliance and a sound quality control system).

How MasterControl Helps with Clinical Laboratory Science Basics

MasterControl, a developer and provider of software solutions and services for the life sciences industry, provides document control and other quality solutions that are designed to streamline processes associated with product and clinical development and management. This streamlines processes that are critical to clinical laboratory quality assurance.

For example, the MasterControl Documents solution controls, tracks, and effectively automates documentation (SOPs, quality manuals, work orders, clinical lab incident management plans, etc.), while simultaneously providing document collaboration and training integration.

MasterControl also assures that all guidelines critical to clinical laboratory science basics are satisfied by providing software to manage deviations, nonconformances, customer complaints, MasterControl CAPA, audit, change Control, equipment Calibration, project management, etc. These solutions are all web-based and can be configured into a single MasterControl system.

For More Information About Clinical Laboratory Science Basics

For more information about how MasterControl integrated software solutions can help with clinical management or clinical laboratory science basics, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.