Change Management Model

A change management model that can guide the process of change management

Having a change management model or plan in the form of a change template and change control SOPs can be crucial to regulatory compliance and ISO certification, as well as to a company's productivity.

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MasterControl Automates the Change Management Model to Accommodate any Change

With an ever-increasing emphasis on regulatory policies, companies now demand the implementation of a change management model that incorporates an effective change plan into the business infrastructure. Changes come on an ad-hoc basis and require an alteration in business processes without any delays. This is the reason many companies have now migrated their business paradigm to web-based software for defining a sound change management model. Irrespective of the company's size, these useful software tools can address the modern needs of any business.

In a continuous promise to accelerate compliance and drive business in a positive direction, the MasterControl change management model is specifically designed to automate the entire change management process. The change management model is at the core of the entire plan for successfully implementing change within the entire enterprise. Since it is entirely web-based, the solution allows collaboration between authorized users who can easily access the system anywhere across the globe.

In order to facilitate rapid implementation of changes, MasterControl automates the entire change management model with the help of customizable forms. This allows for instant error-free data transfer from change control processes to other documents, such as CAPA forms, which helps correct specific quality issues quickly and effectively.

Ensuring Effective Performance with the MasterControl Change Management Model

To ensure that processes going through changes perform effectively, MasterControl's change management model divides each stage of the change control process into distinct stages that include change request submission, evaluation, approval / rejection, implementation, verification/ possible validation, and closure of the change. Once the change is benchmarked, it is necessary to monitor the affected processes and assess any weak areas that may be subject to possible risks that may compromise the company's overall performance. For this very reason, MasterControl's change management model includes robust reporting and analytics tools that allow users to generate useful and timely reports. Managers can review these reports and outline the risks associated with a change in order to better prepare for future quality events.

The MasterControl change management model is based on a foundation of continuous improvement. Implementing change in a business is only one side of the coin, however. MasterControl software can be easily integrated with training management systems, thereby allowing training processes to be automatically invoked as soon as any document update takes place. These automatic training triggers ensure that employees are up to speed with every aspect of a change. By effectively connecting these quality processes, the company is able to run a business that is compliant and in a constant state of audit-readiness.

For More Information on Change Management Models

For more information about structuring a change management model or about the change management software that we offer, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.