MasterControl Enterprise Business Units™ Features & Benefits

How Important Is Effective Data Sharing To Your Organization?

The information that is most vital to your job may seem irrelevant to a professional in another department. But with so much data being clumped in the same compartment, how do you avoid having too many cooks in the kitchen only to spoil the meal?

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The Problems

  • Connecting multiple groups and/or sites even though they all use the same systems
  • Separating data between different departments or sites

The predicament of many organizations is efficiently sharing accurate, up-to-date data between multiple sites and/or groups. How—if at all—does your management team resolve these challenges?

The Solutions

Here is how MasterControl addresses common challenges in managing an enterprise-wide system involving multiple business units:

Enterprise Management Challenges

MasterControl Enterprise™ Software Solutions

Prone to Mistakes

When all routes, vaults, roles, etc., are made available to all users it is easier to make mistakes. Documents sent on the wrong route, to the wrong users, or placed in the wrong vault can all create headaches for the administrator.

Helps Avoid Mistakes

By using filters based on business units, access to certain items is limited to a specific group of users, and so is the potential for making mistakes. Fewer mistakes mean less rework is required by administrators.


Being a part of a large organization, an administrator in one site may have to contend with huge lists of routes, users, vaults, training courses, and other items that are company-wide in scope. This makes small changes in configuration very time-consuming, inefficient, and frustrating.


Filters based on business units can let administrators focus only on items relevant to his/her site. If at some point there is a need to include corporate headquarters or another site in a route—or if it becomes necessary to import data from other business units—the administrator then has the ability to change the filter accordingly. This functionality can save time and increase efficiency.

Optimization Difficult to Attain

The larger the company, the more complicated enterprise-wide system management becomes. It is almost impossible to expect the system administrator from corporate headquarters to manage the minutiae of every site's processes.

Optimization Made Easy

Business units shouldn’t have to depend on corporate headquarters for system management. They should have the ability to optimize their systems by filtering data and have the ability to easily streamline their own processes.

Solve These Dilemmas with MasterControl Enterprise Business Units

For growing businesses, expansion and enhancement are indispensable to the configuration and maintenance of multi-site or large campus system implementation. These businesses have a desire to segregate databases for ease of use but also have a dire need to share data across the enterprise. MasterControl’s Enterprise Business Units software solution facilitates effective regulation of business units within the system so they better accommodate your developing business. Users see only the items they need to see to get their jobs done, yet certain data can be shared across the entire system and user base.

MasterControl's Enterprise offerings provide:

  • A simple method to filter users, vaults, and other configuration items so that users in a specific business unit can only see specifically applicable items
  • Ability to send out corporate level documents and training but also keep business unit specific documents and processes hidden from the rest of the organization
  • A comprehensive view across many business units but just for those that need it
  • The ability to share data between different groups as appropriate
  • Shared sysadmin abilities while protecting privileged roles from misuse

Benefits of MasterControl Enterprise Business Units

  • Multiple groups can use the system to complete daily tasks without having to wade through other departments' "stuff"
  • The business can maintain effective and consistent sharing or cross-functional work on documents or processes
  • The distinct number of configuration items (roles, vaults, etc.) within each business unit makes day-to-day use much less cumbersome, thereby reducing user frustration and increasing connectivity
  • Administrative tasks can be separated based on the Business Units, easing the sysadmin burden while knowing that certain “privileged” roles are protected

MasterControl Expertise

MasterControl provides enterprise quality management software solutions to more than 400 life science companies around the world. The MasterControl platform makes it possible for companies to manage all aspects of compliance in their businesses, whether that is document management/control, training management, process automation, supplier quality management, or risk management. Truly, MasterControl provides Compliance Accelerated.

Upgrading to Enterprise Business Units

Current MasterControl customers can upgrade from their current system and still maintain the number of Enterprise Units installed on their system. Customers also have the opportunity to make an exploratory call for an Enterprise Architecture (EA) Team consultation. This will allow the customer and members of MasterControl’s EA Team to discuss in detail how the customer intends to use or is currently using Enterprise and if the current configuration is inefficient or may be impacting performance. Based on this conversation, the customer, together with the EA team, may decide that further consultation and configuration review/refinement is warranted.

To learn more about MasterControl Enterprise products, please call 1-800-825-9117.