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MasterControl has a Document Version Control Tool to Fit Your Needs

In most companies, the document version control tools are one of the most valuable features of an effective document control solution. For highly regulated industries however, a version control tool is virtually essential for maintaining head-to-head competition and streamlined regulatory compliance (i.e. FDA, ISO, CLIA, etc.)

Automating Document Control Processes

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MasterControl's Document Version Control Tools

The MasterControl Documents solution is especially suited to the needs of those regulated industries with large amounts of company documentation. Usually companies find it difficult to maintain complete documentation when it is scattered all over the place in paper-based or hybrid systems. Employees may be unable to access documents they need. This problem gets much harder for companies that are based in multiple locations. Document version control tools provide your company with the necessary competitive edge in managing all documentation under a single repository that can only be accessed by authorized users. This means that the users don't endure the frustration of searching for updated documents because they are available through the Internet in a centralized location.

Features and Benefits of Document Version Control Tools

The MasterControl Documents solution tracks documents and automates approval pathways. MasterControl Documents also provides the version control tool capabilities that allow only one prescribed user to edit a document at any given time. The solution also provides reporting capabilities and makes analysis simple.

Apart from this, MasterControl's Documents solution is enabled with the document version control feature. This implies that the repository only maintains the latest version of the document so that the risk of manufacturing a product batch by following an old SOP is completely eliminated. Any changes made to a document are tracked. Even the user who updates the document must also enter the reason for the change. You can speed up document approval by using MasterControl's document version tools which help in speeding up the routing, escalating and approval of any SOP in the company. In legacy systems, any change must be made manually and even discussion for updates must be done through a face-to-face meeting. However, MasterControl's document version control eliminates the time consumed in these conventional methods by facilitating the document route to respective reviewers. In case a certain reviewer is unavailable to review the document, it is routed to the next reviewer in line. This ensures timely approval and electronic signing off of the documents.

One of the important features of any document version control tool is to provide companies with ISO compliance. MasterControl's document version control tools are fully compliant with ISO regulations such as 9000, 9001, and 14000 that open doors for companies to new horizons. Although not obligatory, attaining ISO compliance helps companies gain the competitive edge in the market. When a prospective client is looking for a supplier, preference is always given to a company that has attained ISO compliance. This is the reason our solution helps you align all your document control procedures according to your business with best manufacturing practices.

MasterControl's document version control tool is also compliant with FDA, CLIA and Canadian standards.

Solutions that Complement MasterControl's Document Version Control Tools

The MasterControl document version control tools can be complimented by the following solutions:

  • MasterControl Collaboration allows users to collaborate in a virtual online work area for the creation and edits of essential documents. The solution also allows for opinion sharing and automated document routing.
  • MasterControl Training allows users to track all training related data and automate follow-ups and escalations.

For More Information on Document Version Control Tools

Learn more about MasterControl's document control solution and the document version control tool that streamlines the control of document revisions by contacting a MasterControl representative.

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