Document Version Control Software System

MasterControl's document version control software system automates the version and revision control of your files.

An important part of any quality management system is the ability to control and quickly report on the different versions and revisions of any document, file, or drawing. Document version control software systems, with document control and management, revision control, and change control functionality, is a must for ISO and FDA regulated environments.

MasterControl's document version control software system gives you the flexibility to:

  • use existing numbering systems
  • enable automatic version revision numbering
  • enable automatic document numbering
  • run advanced analytics

MasterControl Documents™

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MasterControl's Document Version Control Software System

The MasterControl Documents solution acts as a document and version control software system since it tracks documents from version to version and assigns meta-data to every revision, making documents easier to search. The version control software features also ensures that only one authorized user can edit the latest version of a document at any given time, guaranteeing the safety and transparent maintenance of all essential documents. Regardless of the type, the document is securely stored in a centralized repository that can only be accessed by authorized users. The software is fully capable of tracking down changes made at the minutest level. The document version control software system also requires the user to enter the reason for change before storing it in the virtual vault for access. All these features make certain that only the latest version of the document is maintained and accessed by users from virtually any location across the globe.

Additional Document Version Control Software System Features and Benefits

In addition to the benefits and features already mentioned, the MasterControl Documents solution can also be automated to route documents automatically along approval pathways. This helps decrease the time it takes to receive document approval. The routing, escalating and approval of documentation is streamlined, which helps in faster approval and signoff. In case a document is pending approval from a manager who is currently unavailable, the solution escalates the document to the next reviewer in line. The sooner the SOP is available in the system, the sooner employees can access the document, speeding the product along to manufacture and launch. This helps hasten the process of entering the market with a new product.

Communication breakdown is likely to happen in companies based in multiple locations. Sometimes one department's operations can be dependent on another, requiring integrating quality sub-systems. MasterControl's document version control software system is able to associate multiple processes such as CAPA, change management, audit, customer complaint, and training. For example, a customer complaint that warrants a CAPA will be immediately escalated. Any CAPA that results into a change will automatically invoke training once the change is approved.

Many companies generate reports by relying on disparate tools such as flowcharting software, spreadsheet analysis, etc. These tools may be sufficient in giving out one-sided pictures of the business but don't provide the multi-faceted aspects of the company's business. Our document version control software system also provides reporting capabilities which makes document, version, and revision related information simple to organize and analyze.

Document Version Control Software Systems with Collaboration and Employee Training

Many companies interested in the MasterControl Documents product are also interested in the MasterControl Collaboration (streamlined document collaboration) and MasterControl Training (streamlined training) solutions. MasterControl provides both solutions which, like MasterControl Documents, are web-based and can be launched from one combined and integrated platform.

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