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MasterControl provides Change Request Software that Meets FDA and ISO Regulations for Life Sciences and Manufacturing Industries

Modifications to life science products may stem from the unavailability of parts, or they may be due to safety concerns or government regulations. Before the age of technology--and change request software--companies relied on face-to-face exchanges and change control board meetings to discuss product changes. A major drawback was the unavailability of members when emergency changes were necessary.

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Change Request Software - The Essence behind Planned Change

Companies using disparate applications and tools understand the difficulties of managing changes in their systems. Change can be initiated through various sources including customer feedback, internal/external audits, employees, etc. This is the reason it is important to effectively manage changes along the way so that all stakeholders involved in the change control process can ensure that the process of change request is systemized. A proper, well thought out change request process is the very start of an organized change system that can provide management with the necessary platform to plan, drive, and implement change by continuously monitoring each stage.

MasterControl change request software allows users to automatically see, capture, track, and report on changes anywhere and at any time.

How Change Request Software Works

MasterControl's change request software provides functional and practical process and document management solutions. In addition to change request software, this includes solutions for document control, collaboration, training, CAPA, audit management, and other related activities.

A change request is the first step in initiating a change in the system. MasterControl change request software provides various stakeholders with the facility of filling out automated electronic forms for initiating the change request. This eliminates the hassle of redundant data entry as the data entered through these forms is automatically captured in the system. Management does not have to worry about incorrect data entry, which ultimately also helps save valuable time and resources. The requested change is then technically evaluated to figure out the exact impact of change. This also helps estimate the time required for analyzing/designing, planning, and implementing the change in the system. While designing the change, it is extremely important to document the change so that employees are able to emulate each step of the change without any discrepancies once it is eventually implemented. MasterControl's change request software documents every stage of the change to ensure adequate documentation according to compliance guidelines. The shortened lifecycle of document routing and approval makes it an ideal fix for publishing changes to employees and other affected parties.

MasterControl Change Request Software is Intuitive

Since MasterControl change request software is completely web-based, it aids in smooth collaboration between multiple internal and external authorized users. The secure online repository provides a unified platform where users can share and exchange ideas that later help shape the changes introduced in the existing set of processes. With secure login credentials, users can log on to the system, access documents, and make necessary changes from virtually anywhere. The document "check out" capability ensures that only the most current version of document is available at any time.

MasterControl change request software also helps management develop extensive training programs. Since the change request software is integrated with MasterControl's training module, management can avail their resources to focus on their business instead of spending extensively to outsource their training programs.

Benefits of an Integrated Change Request Software Solution

MasterControl change request software is just part of our quality management software solution suite, which connects employees, suppliers, contractors, and others involved in the change control process. MasterControl solutions allow companies to take full advantage of change request software. A change submission form, for example, can be launched directly from a CAPA form, connecting one process to the next. This initiates the change control process, which automatically initiates training tasks.

More Information on Change Request Software

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