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MasterControl Audit Provides Solutions for Internal Audit Programs For Different Sized Companies.

When it comes to running internal audit programs, different companies have different needs. Most of the solutions for internal audit programs available on the market only cater to a particular audience segment and don't meet the ever-changing needs of growing businesses. However, with MasterControl Audit, companies can plan and execute thorough internal audit programs without any hassle.

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MasterControl Audit: A Complete Software Solution for Internal Audit Control Programs

MasterControl Audit addresses basic as well as any advanced audit needs for any size of company. It assures audit quality control by allowing management to drive and execute an internal audit program that best meets the business' internal and external requirements. MasterControl Audit is a centralized and Web-based internal audit program that helps in sharing audit information amongst stakeholders. For better audit planning, MasterControl provides users with a common platform for collaboration. The audit-related documents are readily accessible for referral by authorized users. This allows end users and managers to closely follow the documented standard operating procedures and raise quality issues across departments if any deviation from the defined standard occurs. In addition, auditors are empowered with better control and manageability of internal audit programs as unlimited number of business areas can be defined.

Minimizing Risks with MasterControl Internal Audit Programs

The issues that arise during an internal audit program point out the possible risks that may adversely impact the business. The main intent of executing an audit is to identify these risks and develop plans to ensure that these risks are eliminated or minimized in the future. MasterControl Audit not only identifies but also prioritizes these risks. This allows management to focus on each risk with the attention that it deserves. The resulting CAPAs that may be triggered are able to be tracked electronically, which provides management with the ability to closely monitor and mitigate future risks.

Auditors can use MasterControl to guide and control the audit program through automated assignment and follow up of audit-related activities. System generated messages and notifications during an audit execution streamline and further enhance the quality of communication and enable auditors to always remain informed about the audit's progress. Apart from the obvious features of easy search and retrieval of audit documents, MasterControl Audit also provides users with state-of-the-art reporting tools that help in gauging the efficiency of different business areas. Reports such as the GLP-required Master Schedule and QA Statement and the GCP Compliance Statement prepare management to develop strategies that help in sustaining cost effective and compliant business strategies.

Internal Audit Programs: The Basis of External Audits

Thoroughly planned and well executed internal audit programs are a definite sign of continuous quality. With MasterControl Audit, companies can be assured of quality and can attain and maintain a continuous state of "audit readiness".

Effective internal audit programs provide an excellent foundation for improvement since they typically form the basis of external audits that are conducted by external auditors. External audits are often a "final verdict" regarding the state of any company's business, which is why management wants to take all necessary steps in eliminating issues prior to the external audit. With MasterControl Audit, auditors can divide internal audit programs into different steps which also allows for the separate storage of audit information during for each stage. Audit findings are automatically pushed to customizable forms that help in automating the corrective action and prevention action (CAPAs) against the issues which may surface during the audit's execution. Auditors can also utilize standard templates for transferring pertinent audit information for use in generating reports.

Integrating Internal Audit Programs with Other MasterControl Quality Solutions

The internal audit programs that MasterControl offers can be seamlessly integrated other solutions in the MasterControl Quality Suite. Solutions such as document control, change control, CAPA, training control, and supplier management, are just a few of the quality solutions available in the suite.

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