Information Technology (IT) Audit Management Software Systems

IT Audit Management Software Solutions for Performing an Information Audit.

An IT audit or system audit focuses on an organization's information systems, operations and practices in order to determine whether the IT system is maintaining data integrity and operating efficiently in order to meet the organization's goals.

Like an IT audit, a quality management audit is concerned with protecting assets and maintaining data integrity and operating efficiency. Additionally, a quality audit helps ensure compliance with regulatory and ISO requirements or standards. Using an IT audit management software system is a more efficient way of conducting these audits.

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Solutions for an IT Audit Management Systems from MasterControl

MasterControl Audit is designed to equip users with robust tools for conducting internal audits to improve overall efficiency and maintain data integrity in the system. This ensures that the requirements of an IT audit management system are properly met.

In addition, the audit software from MasterControl helps ensure quality products and services, and meets all FDA and ISO quality requirements. MasterControl supports the high standards being promoted by organizations such as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). MasterControl is state-of-the-art information technology audit management software that provides the added feature of ready-to-use and reusable report templates. Highly configurable, these report templates highlight important business areas and allow management to make important decisions based on critical information and parameters.

MasterControl IT Audit Management Software Systems

To compete in the fiercely competitive global economy today, it is more critical than ever for companies in regulated environments to comply with FDA and other regulations or to adhere to ISO, GxP, and other standards. MasterControl’s IT audit management software solution streamlines audit and other processes necessary for compliance with regulations and standards.

MasterControl Audit will ensure that the integrity of processes is maintained at all times. This cutting-edge information technology audit management systems provide a centralized, web-based storage location for audit documentation, as well as process-based and other types of documents. All information will be readily available and accessible to all users under a single platform. This software solution is designed to conduct audit of any magnitude by easily tracking documents and processes. It provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities for generating customizable reports. With MasterControl Audit, the planning and scheduling of recurring audits and audit-related activities will be automated and addressed well in advance.

IT Audit Management Software from MasterControl Automates Your Information System Audit

MasterControl Audit offers transparency for upper management to oversee the audit process. This audit management software makes the job of auditors easier by establishing a framework for conducting audits on a timely basis and by offering tools that they are already familiar with, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook plug-ins. With the MasterControl IT audit management systems, auditors can also compile a checklist with a criteria, header fields, and observations.

Moreover, MasterControl Audit detects scheduling conflicts and prevents overbooking of any auditor or execution of audit in absence of the auditor. The built-in flexibility of the IT audit management software system enables MasterControl Audit to be used in multiple business areas within an organization, each area having its own separate needs. The ability to define an unlimited number of business areas and raise quality issues across business areas makes the software extremely powerful. This is the reason MasterControl Audit is used by well over half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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To learn about an IT audit management system (also known as an "information audit" or an "information systems audit")-- or to learn about any other type of internal audit-- please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative