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MasterControl Offers Internal Audit Management Solutions that Meet the Needs of Any Size Company

The secret behind a successful audit lies in impeccable planning and an environment that encourages constructive interaction between the auditor and the participants in the activities being audited. To facilitate a healthy dialog between the two parties, many companies are implementing internal audit management solutions that provide a platform for sharing tools and techniques for each phase of the audit process. The MasterControl Audit software solution provides companies with a web-based system that addresses the internal audit management needs of companies of all sizes.

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Why is MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software Ideal for Internal Audits?

MasterControl Audit is a centralized and web-based solution for internal audit management that provides the flexibility and quality control needed by companies. Be it an organization that has multiple products and facilities, often scattered around the globe, or a small-scale company with a single product and facility - MasterControl Audit provides internal audit management to any size of business. MasterControl Audit is specifically designed to align communication across departments so that they are all able to collaborate in internal reviews and initial meetings for planning audits. Customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders can raise quality issues regarding internal findings. To better manage internal audits, MasterControl Audit allows any number of business areas to be defined according to organizational requirements. This feature is particularly useful for companies that have a need to focus attention on different business areas by defining specific audits unique to each. With the web-based platform, time consuming operations such as searching and retrieving documents are no longer time consuming or prone to manual errors.

For attaining and sustaining the desired level of quality, management may employ specific resources that constantly gauge processes for improvement. MasterControl's internal audit management solution facilitates quality activities and automates notifications that are sent to appropriate personnel whenever a certain event is triggered.

The main purpose of an audit is not just to gather findings but also enable management to apply corrective actions again these issues. The advanced corrective and preventive action (CAPA) functionality of MasterControl allows users to correct problematic issues and also preventing them from occurring again. With MasterControl, management can track all CAPAs in relation to internal audits so that auditors are always aware of the ongoing activities in the audit program.

Understanding Internal Audit Risks with MasterControl Internal Audit Management Software

Risk assessment is also an important element of internal audit management since it allows decision makers to outline the possible risks that may potentially have a negative impact the business. With MasterControl, management is not only facilitated in the identification of risks but also in their prioritization. This helps in recognizing the severity of each risk and also in deducing contingency plans for combating these risks.

Another useful benefit of the automated MasterControl Audit system: Auditors can create templates for risk assessments, judgments, categories, findings, CAPAs, root causes, activity workflows, and other documents and forms that can be used extensively throughout the company as a standard.

MasterControl Audit also provides internal audit management with numerous standardized reports to meet the needs of large companies, most notably, the GLP-required Master Schedule and QA Statement, and the GCP Compliance Statement.

Our Internal Audit Management Solution Can Integrate with Other MasterControl Quality Solutions

MasterControl Audit can be seamlessly integrated with all the other software solutions available in the MasterControl Quality Suite, such as document control, change control, CAPA, training control and supplier management, to name but a few of the quality solutions we offer.

For More Information on Internal Audit Management

For more information about conducting an internal audit or the internal audit management software solutions offered by MasterControl, please don't hesitate to contact a MasterControl representative

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