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MasterControl Provides Time-Tested Software Solutions for Ensuring Effective Quality Control Audits

MasterControl is a leading global provider of software systems designed to efficiently manage quality control audits.

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MasterControl Provides Software Solutions for Quality Control Audits

Manufacturing a pharmaceutical or medical device product requires extensive research, groundwork, and analysis, all of which must be carefully documented and stored for follow-up and decision-making by management. Companies run several iterations of these activities before ultimately deciding on a definitive plan for manufacturing a product. Paper-based or paper-electronic hybrid systems fail to thoroughly accommodate the plethora of documents and forms that are generated throughout the product development and manufacturing phases of a single product. For this reason, most companies prefer electronic systems for managing documentation. Such companies also need to comply with FDA and ISO regulations so that they are cleared to manufacture and market goods without unnecessary restrictions. The answer to all these challenges lies in conducting effective quality control audits that measure the quality of products and ensure that resources are efficiently allocated. To meet these needs, MasterControl offers an Audit software solution that provides companies with the capability of conducting quality control audits that facilitate quality improvements.

Five Reasons why MasterControl Quality Control Audits Software is Right for Your Company

  1. Web-based: MasterControl Audit is completely web-based, which allows authorized users to access audit-related documents from virtually anywhere in the world.
  2. Centralized: The majority of quality control audits software systems available on the market don't offer users the ability to contribute in planning the audit program. This leaves out stakeholders such as vendors and customers from shaping the audit according to any number of different crucial business requirements. The centralized repository provided by MasterControl serves as the common ground for sharing ideas that eventually helps in tailoring the audit program as per demands of different users.
  3. Flexible: MasterControl Audit provides diverse flexibility by granting better control of the entire quality control audit program. Management can define an unlimited number of business areas that need to be addressed, which provides the flexibility of defining specific audits for each area. Features such as resource management automation and quality control audits scheduling empower the auditor to mould the audit program without micromanaging the audit tasks. By automating audit-related activities, auditors only have to monitor the findings that have been electronically tracked for better manageability of audit results.
  4. Reduced Risk: MasterControl's quality control audits software solution is designed for companies who want to assure production of the highest quality products and services while also greatly reducing risk. Irrespective of a company's size and magnitude, MasterControl's audit software accomplishes this by helping the company to attain and sustain a state of "audit readiness". Management can prioritize and analyze the impact of every potential risk in order to develop mitigation plans and eliminate risks from causing problems in the future.
  5. Advanced Reporting Functionality: Management can generate different types of reports to gauge the performance of various units, departments, and business areas within the company. MasterControl Audit's advanced CAPA functionality can be leveraged to automatically resolve issues that are identified during an audit. The software's system transparency ensures management oversight, and has helped diverse types of companies where quality is essential to meet their quality goals.

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For more information about quality control audits or conducting an internal audit, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.