Change Management Training

Change Management Training is Critical to a Company's Success

Given the number of ongoing processes for document change to product formulations, design specs, SOPs, specifications for raw materials, etc., a company cannot afford to be without an automated process for change management training.

Change Control - Continuous Quality Improvements in FDA and ISO Environments

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MasterControl Change Management Training Enables Compliance

In order to remain competitive, companies are now realizing the importance of developing comprehensive user education programs. The primary focus of training programs must be to keep users completely informed about changes made to existing processes. It is extremely important for users to receive and implement all change updates as these employees are the main personnel enacting standard operating procedures throughout the company. For this very reason, MasterControl's change management training software is aligned with best business practices to help companies attain and sustain compliance with FDA and ISO regulatory policies.

MasterControl change management training is implemented through automated web-based forms that help users track changes throughout the entire change process. Automation is the key to compliance as changes are initiated from various channels. With MasterControl change management training software, these changes can be easily submitted, evaluated, approved/ rejected, implemented, and eventually verified and validated. Effective administration of this entire series of events is vital to a comprehensive change management process that allows top-level management to smoothly implement and oversee changes in the business.

MasterControl Change Management Training Provides Comprehensive Automated Training

MasterControl change management software keeps all documentation related to quality processes updated at all times. This enables the development of a comprehensive knowledge bank for educating employees about changes and process development. The efficient document lifecycle provided by MasterControl allows for quick search, retrieval, review, and approval of documents that in turn facilitates the maintenance of an updated repository of documents.

The primary objective of the MasterControl software system is to invoke the training program as soon as a process or document is changed. Change management training enables companies to take necessary, timely steps by automatically emailing new training tasks to all affected employees in the company. This alerts the employees who can then collaborate through the online portal and receive training on the new concepts and procedures that have been introduced.

The MasterControl Change Management Training System is Connected

In order to keep change control process connected with other processes in the system, MasterControl seamlessly integrates with other quality processes. For example, the change control process can be readily integrated with CAPA. The changes initiated through a change management form are directly fed onto a CAPA form to allow flawless data transfer. Similarly, changes made in any of the process forms can be set to automatically launch training tasks to be sent out to all appropriate employees. Linked together through MasterControl, these forms allow users to review the completed process to see what instigated the change, and then launch trainings based on the change.

Along the same lines, MasterControl change management training software can also be linked to changes resulting from nonconformance, deviations, customer complaints, and audits. This enables the change management training system to remain consistently connected with other processes and eventually results in cost-effective and efficient training programs that help the company save time and money.

For More Information on Change Management Training

If you'd like more information about the change management and change management training from MasterControl, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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