Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System Integrations

MasterControl solutions integrate with MRP software to improve accuracy, visibility and efficiency in manufacturing.

Material requirements planning (MRP) software helps companies maintain the minimal amount of inventory to satisfy current and future demand. Yet when an MRP system is disconnected from production records and other shop floor data, a critical gap hinders the ability to collect, connect and analyze the data. MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ fills this gap, extending MRP systems to the shop floor for a holistic view of production and quality data.

MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ Systems Integrations

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What Is an MRP?

MRP is a tool for inventory control, materials management and procurement planning. It is intended to help production managers keep as little on-hand inventory as possible. This minimizes carrying costs and waste, while satisfying current and future demand and fulfilling planned orders.


Integrating MRP and Production Records

Disconnected data sources limit the ability to glean data-driven performance insights. The Manufacturing Excellence solution can digitally integrate an MRP system with electronic production records. This optimizes the flow of information for greater visibility and efficiency.

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence for the Digital Era



Manually entering data onto paper increases the opportunity for errors. Eliminate the preventable errors and costly waste created by manual data entry to achieve right-first-time (RFT) production.



People on the manufacturing line no longer need to rely on paper to manage production and quality data. An integrated electronic production record system removes remaining paper from the shop floor.



Preventing errors and delays caused by paper can reduce the friction between manufacturing operations and QA priorities and metrics. The result is improved line performance and accelerated production.

Seamless integration across core enterprise systems.


Digital Connectivity


End-to-End Visibility


Improved Data Integrity

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What you should know about MRP software.


What is material requirements planning?

Material requirements planning (MRP) is a tool designed to help in the planning and coordination of manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities. It is used to accurately calculate which materials are needed, in what quantity and when.


What is manufacturing resource planning?

Manufacturing resource planning (MRP II) is an extension of material requirements planning. It is a comprehensive tool for the management of all resources – people, materials, machines and financials – needed to produce a product.


What is MRP and ERP software?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software manages a manufacturer's core processes and systems from a single, integrated solution. It supports the company’s MRP and related software systems. Together, MRP and ERP software helps track supply chain operations and link that data into a central platform to produce financial data about the processes.

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Integrate your MRP with electronic production records for a complete, accurate view of manufacturing data within your business.

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