Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Scheduling

What is MRP Scheduling?

On the bustling manufacturing floor, the coordination of procurement, inventory and production resembles a carefully choreographed dance. MRP scheduling streamlines part of this process by accurately planning the procurement of dependent demand items to ensure the necessary raw materials, components and subassemblies are on hand when they are needed to produce the end product according to the production schedule.

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What Is MRP Scheduling?

Material requirements planning (MRP) is an inventory and purchasing planning tool that calculates the amount of dependent demand items such as raw materials, components and subassemblies needed to produce a finished good according to its demand-driven production schedule.

The process of producing a finished good begins with determining which materials are needed in what quantity and capturing this information in a bill of material (BOM). Then, you must procure the necessary materials, which can entail sourcing them externally or drawing from existing inventory stocks. MRP scheduling orchestrates the procurement of those items. Some MRP systems can even create purchase orders automatically. MRP scheduling also helps determine how much on-hand inventory to keep.

The production schedule is highly dependent on the lead times of the supply chain, and MRP scheduling greatly simplifies and increases the transparency of this part of the process. To support accurate MRP scheduling and thus production scheduling, the MRP system must have access to the material master record, which contains the following procurement parameters:

  • Supplier processing time for placing and fulfilling orders.
  • Planned delivery time for orders.
  • In-house processing time for receiving orders.

Improve Your MRP Scheduling With MasterControl Automation and Integration

Without accurate MRP scheduling, production planning and scheduling becomes challenging if not impossible. But MRP scheduling is just one piece of the puzzle, and furthermore, not all MRP systems are created equal. MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence enhances the performance of manufacturing information systems and processes such as MRP through integration and automation. The result is a fully connected manufacturing operation with automated processes and documentation, allowing companies to access new and powerful data insights.

MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence allows your company to:

  • Collect all required production details in one place: MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence connects multiple manufacturing systems, gathers production data, and makes it available to stakeholders across the company from one convenient interface.
  • Perform real-time data verification: Let the system review your production data for accuracy in real time as it is recorded, ensuring data integrity and traceability. This effectively eliminates the risk of incomplete data, illegible text, incorrect date formats, incorrect units of measure and other common documentation issues that contribute to excessive product holding times of days or even months.
  • Automatically generate compliant and consistent production records: Regardless of the type of production record your company uses – including batch records, history records, production travelers, batch production records (BPR), device history records (DHR) and more – MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence can automatically compile the necessary data in the required format according to CGMP and other requirements.
  • Minimize human points of contact with machinery and documentation: To avoid human-introduced error, the system can automatically track and enforce employee training, consistent and proper use of SOPs, and monitor team performance to ensure workers are qualified and able to perform production activities as efficiently as possible.
  • Get on the fast track to digital transformation and smart manufacturing: Going paperless is a manufacturing imperative. MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence can help your company fully digitalize its paper-based, manual processes and documentation to leverage today’s powerful automation, connectivity and predictive analytics technology.

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