2023 Pharma Quality Trends:

4 Ways Pharma Quality is Changing You Need To Know

Industry leaders are making critical shifts in how they carry out pharma quality management. This trend brief reveals how they are:

  • Dealing with ongoing disruptions and slowdowns.
  • Achieving continuous improvement and quality maturity.
  • Innovating with emergent technology.
  • Connecting more closely with consumers.

Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss


How is the pharmaceutical industry changing?

The pharmaceutical industry is stepping up its game. Regulators are looking for more than CGMP and pharma quality leaders are answering the call. By adopting novel technology and processes, they are well on their way to moving beyond disruption.


What is the biggest issue faced by the pharmaceutical industry?

Supply chain risk management continues to top the charts. Frustrations from regulators and consumers alike are leading pharmaceutical companies to implement more effective strategies and modern risk management software solutions  in order to assume quality maturity.


Where is the pharmaceutical industry headed?

There is nowhere to go but up. Despite current financial downturns, pharmaceutical companies are increasing their efforts to develop higher quality and safer products. Emergent technology is proving to be a key business driver and differentiator for pharma quality leaders. 

Pharma quality will never be the same.

Find out how quality organisations are moving beyond disruptions and continue to be trusted leaders across the health care ecosystem.

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