Online Document Collaboration

An Online Document Collaboration Software System that is designed to Improve Collaboration, Process Automation, and Revision Control

The collective knowledge of employees in an organization constitutes a valuable intellectual asset for any company and can be translated into increased profitability. The challenge lies in bringing people together to share their knowledge in an efficient and effective way while simultaneously documenting the entire knowledge sharing process. This challenge can be met with the right online document collaboration system.

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How Can MasterControl's Online Document Collaboration Help You?

MasterControl online document collaboration is all about providing a platform through which users can exchange ideas and build a repository of documentation that is easily accessible from virtually anywhere. MasterControl Collaboration software helps companies maximize their intellectual assets by automating, simplifying, and optimizing the process of collaboration in documents-based projects.

The primary objective of MasterControl's suite of products and services is to address validation on different levels for the company. Today, most of the companies are focusing their attention toward compliance with ISO and FDA regulations. The continuous revision of procedures demands the same to be reflected in the software. MasterControl's online document control software is designed to allow faster and easier upgrades.

Here's how MasterControl online document collaboration software addresses key issues faced by companies in implementing collaborative projects.

Online Document Collaboration in Time and Place

Having brilliant people on your team is not enough. Companies based on multiple locations with huge number of employees may find it exceedingly difficult to execute processes. Collaboration between employees is a challenge since these people have many responsibilities and their inability to meet is an obstacle in collaborating successfully. Document collaboration under a manual system involves passing a document around physically or via email. When a team member is unable to act on it, the document languishes in that person's desk or email inbox, causing delay. Eventually, gathering data and exchanging ideas in such an environment becomes an impossible task. This is where MasterControl's online documentation collaboration software comes to the rescue. By providing a virtual workspace for collaboration, the software allows employees to review, comment on, revise, or approve a document without having to be physically present with the rest of the team.

One of the concerns for the management is validation of the standard operating procedures that are executing in the system. Any alteration in the process must be correctly documented otherwise the employees will continue following the outdated methods. This raises non-conformity in the system. MasterControl's online document collaboration helps companies by providing routing, follow-up and approval features for all documentation. Escalation is automatic, so after a period of inaction, the document moves on to the next person in line. MasterControl avoids duplication of efforts by allowing participants to see other people's input.

Management usually wants to keep track of the changes made to the documents. This helps in keeping all documents aligned and ensuring that only the authorized users are making changes to the procedures. As per FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11, companies are required to make electronic approvals to documents. This means a signature manifestation comprised of name, date, time and meaning of the signature must be appended with each document. MasterControl allows an enhanced e-signature feature which is configured to include a user's title and the route step name in the manifest to distinguish the different kinds of approval a document gets (e.g, format approval made by a document control specialist vs. procedure approval made by the quality director).

Revision Control in MasterControl's online document collaboration system

In a paper-based or hybrid system, there could be multiple (unwanted) versions of documents. Modifying a document also entails time-consuming meetings and manual change. Company's usually run the danger of using outdated documents in carrying out processes – the result is deviance, non-conformity, loss of time, revenue and resources. This is the reason many companies are now migrating towards online document collaboration solutions. Automatic revision control ensures that only the current version of a document is available, so users will not make the mistake of using obsolete or unapproved documents. Only one authorized user at a time can revise the document & can authorize online document collaboration so there are not multiple versions available. MasterControl provides software for secure virtual vaults for effective management of the collaboration life cycle. For example, a document will reside in the "draft" vault while team members are working on it. The document automatically moves to the "released" vault once it's approved. When a released document is revised and the revision is approved, the original document automatically moves to the "archive" vault. The concept of these vaults makes it easier to control and monitor documents as they go through several rounds of updates and reviews.

For More Information on Online Document Collaboration

For more information in regards to an online document collaboration options that MasterControl provides, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.