Configuration Change Management

Change is inevitable but it can be effectively controlled and easily tracked with MasterControl for effective configuration change management software solutions

Configuration change management is essential in many manufacturing and life science environments. Configuration change can be effectively managed with document management, Bill of Materials (BOM), and supplier management solutions.

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MasterControl Configuration Change Management Software Facilitates Flawless Change Administration

Manufacturing companies understand the importance of keeping abreast of modern manufacturing techniques that bring efficiency to their existing infrastructure. Companies are always searching for ways to cut manufacturing costs so that profit margins remain high. This calls for revisiting their existing procedures and evaluating how they can be enhanced to maximize efficiency. Proper configuration of change control processes helps organizations manage change better. For this very reason, MasterControl provides an entire suite of quality applications that help organizations achieve cost-effective configuration change management.

Successful implementation of changes to existing business practices is of utmost importance to any manufacturer. When changes are initiated through multiple channels, such as customer, audit findings, internal requests, etc., implementing such changes can be extremely challenging. MasterControl configuration change management software allows for accurate collection of data from various sources by keeping a detailed record of changes through standard or customizable change request forms. With everyone on the same page via MasterControl's Web-based platform, it is easy to effectively communicate, plan, document, and approve changes.

BOMs and Configuration Change Management

When it comes to configuration change management it is the BOM that often comes to mind for many manufacturers. The MasterControl BOM module automatically tracks and controls all BOM iterations and allows planners and buyers to view in-process changes. Once changes have been communicated and approved, the users responsible for those changes are held accountable for their actions via the solution's digital sign-off, audit trail, and tracking features. This provides companies with the ability to stay connected at every stage of the change control process. The advanced reporting and analytics functionality built in to the system enables companies to maintain oversight of an ever-evolving business. By generating various types of standard or customizable reports, management can assess the efficiency of the incorporated changes and evaluate the capacity of the manufacturing processes in the business. MasterControl's configuration change management system for BOM also allows users to estimate costs for sub-assemblies and final products, making it easy for users to focus on design changes that rely on expensive components.

MasterControl Configuration Change Management Software Assures Compliance

A critical challenge of developing a flawless configuration change management mechanism is ensuring that implemented changes are compliant with FDA, ISO, and CGxP regulations. Many of the configuration change management software solutions on the market don't provide companies the flexibility of implementing changes that are in accordance with these regulatory policies. MasterControl configuration change management software is built on a foundation of compliance and collaboration. Regulations such as CFR Part 11 and 21 are the building blocks of MasterControl's change management approach, which makes the introduction of changes easier, smoother, and compliant with existing standards. Implementing MasterControl means that companies are able to conduct cost-effective and compliant business procedures that are aligned with best business practices.

For More Information About Configuration Change Management

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