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Innovative MacroGenics Embraces Cloud Technology for Compliance

Forward-thinking biopharma company MacroGenics relies on MasterControl’s cloud-based solutions to manage documents, training and many other critical quality processes. Learn how the developer of novel cancer therapies accelerated its system validation with MasterControl’s unique VxT tool.

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1000+ Organizations Have Solved Qualiy Management with MasterControl

Actelion logo

Biopharma Firm’s Quality and Service Elevated by MasterControl

At Actelion, MasterControl is known as Quality and Training Management Optimized, or the “Quatro” system. Whatever label Actelion gives its QMS, the system has improved the biopharmaceutical company’s effectiveness, compliance and efficiency. Discover how MasterControl enhances Actelion’s overall quality.

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Aplicare logo

MasterControl Key to Aplicare’s Efficient, FDA-Compliant Document Management

MasterControl has been integral to streamlined and compliant document management at Aplicare. Read how the personal care products provider automated document change control, validated its system in less than two months, and ensured FDA compliance.

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Avantor logo

Migration to Web-Based MasterControl Helps Avantor Globalize Quality Management

Avantor, formerly Mallinckrodt Baker, produces highly specialized chemical products and must comply with the strictest regulations and quality standards. Learn how MasterControl has become vital to the company’s quality compliance and has dramatically improved change control effectiveness.

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Teva Pharmaceuicals logo

Facilitating Compliance at the #1 Developer of Generic Pharmaceuticals

Read how MasterControl helps Teva Pharmaceuticals facilitate accurate and efficient FDA compliance. With MasterControl, the drug manufacturer has maintained compliance with GMP requirements, dramatically reduced SOP cycle times, and electronically connected users to over 3,500 procedures.

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Zarbee's Naturals logo

Cloud-Based Spark System Simplifies GCP Compliance

Wellness product provider Zarbee’s Naturals needed an accessible QMS with user-friendly document control functionality to manage compliance-related documentation. The manufacturer now relies on MasterControl’s cloud-based Spark solution to effectively manage critical documents.

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Hu-Friedy logo

MasterControl Facilitates Top Dental Instrument Provider’s FDA and ISO Compliance

Learn how MasterControl helps Hu-Friedy comply with ISO 13485 and FDA's 21 CFR Part 820 QSR and discover how the company decreased cycle time from approximately one month to just a single week.

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NAMSA logo

NAMSA Taps MasterControl to Meet Stringent Regulatory Requirements

North American Science Associates, a top contract testing laboratory, relies on MasterControl to meet rigorous FDA and ISO requirements. See how the firm has improved efficiency, automated paper-based processes and connected multiple departments to its enterprise quality system.

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Sorenson Medical logo

Infusion Pump Innovator Turns to MasterControl to Strengthen Compliance

Read how MasterControl helped Sorenson Medical ensure compliance with 21 CFR Parts 11 and 820 by providing a single repository for all regulatory documentation. By implementing MasterControl, the company has optimized quality processes and simplified compliance.

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Vascutek logo

MasterControl’s Efficiency Helps Vascutek Save Money, Maintain Compliance

Learn how Vascutek, a world-leading manufacturer of vascular and cardiovascular products, uses MasterControl software solutions to reduce costs and accelerate quality and compliance processes.

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Bio-Imaging Technologies Inc. logo

MasterControl Helps Bio-Imaging Sustain Compliance, Meet Emerging Needs

Bio-Imaging, the world’s largest provider of medical image management for clinical trials, chose MasterControl when looking to automate document and training control processes. This case study describes the company’s major compliance challenges and shows how MasterControl addresses those issues.

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Unity Labs logo

Assurance of Up-to-Date Content Key to Unity Labs Services’ Success

Unity Labs Services, a division of Thermo Fisher Scientific, chose MasterControl to meet document control requirements. See why MasterControl’s expiration functionality, configurability and validation support factored into the decision to implement the solution globally.

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Megadyne logo

Consolidation Helps Megadyne Comply with Multiple Regulations

Megadyne Medical Products has a global customer base, which means it must comply with myriad regulatory agencies’ requirements. The company implemented MasterControl to demonstrate compliance with various requirements for change control and record keeping and retention.

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MicroMed logo

An Executive Perspective on Leveraging Resources with MasterControl

Staff at MicroMed Cardiovascular used to spend one day each week attempting to review and approve all CAPAs, noncompliance documents and product design changes in one sitting. Learn how MasterControl helped MicroMed save time and eliminate manual processes.

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Gift of Life Michigan logo

User Acceptance Central to GOLM’s Successful Implementation

Gift of Life Michigan, the state’s federally designated organ and tissue recovery program, used to manage thousands of documents with a hybrid quality system. Find out why the organization switched to MasterControl for simplified FDA compliance.

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LifeCenter Northwest logo

Validation Critical to LifeCenter Northwest’s System Implementation

Federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO) LifeCenter Northwest is dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation. Learn how validation was central to the organization’s successful MasterControl implementation.

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MD Anderson logo

On-Site Training Complements MD Anderson’s MasterControl Implementation

Proper training can make or break a software implementation. Find out why University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center chose MasterControl’s specialized on-site training curriculum to optimize its training program.

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Stayinfront logo

CRM Provider StayinFront Maintains Quality Compliance with MasterControl

As a customer relationship management software provider that serves heavily regulated organizations, StayinFront knows that only the most effective solutions can meet tough industry standards. Discover how MasterControl has become part of the company’s corporate culture.

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EMD Chemical logo

MasterControl Documentation Capabilities Boost EMD Chemicals’ Competitiveness

EMD Chemicals Inc. is the North American extension of Merck KGaA, the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world. Learn why EMD chose to implement a centralized MasterControl system to manage documents and internal processes across multiple sites.

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Schiff Nutrition logo

Nutritional Firm Leverages MasterControl to Meet New Regulations

Read how Schiff Nutrition, a dietary supplements company, seamlessly connected its ERP system with MasterControl to integrate critical processes and avert user retraining.

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ARUP Laboratories logo

MasterControl Accelerates ARUP’s Process Management and Turnaround Times

ARUP Laboratories’ efficiency makes it a leader in the lab testing market. Learn how ARUP ensures FDA compliance, facilitates training when corrective actions necessitate document changes, and efficiently manages quality processes with MasterControl.

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The Blood Center of Iowa logo

MasterControl Helps Iowa Blood Meet Growth Demands

The Blood Center of Iowa implemented MasterControl to replace paper-based document control processes for SOPs, flowcharts and floor plans. Learn how the organization developed business without adding quality overhead while still sustaining GMP compliance.

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OPK Biotech logo

Teamwork Essential to OPK Biotech System Implementation

Learn how oxygen therapeutics company OPK Biotech successfully implemented MasterControl document and training management solutions while simultaneously preparing for a regulatory inspection.

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Weider Nutrition logo

Replacing Manual System with MasterControl Accelerates Document Management

Weider Nutrition turned to MasterControl to eliminate costly errors caused by faulty revisions. Learn how MasterControl’s automatic revision control and routing functionality has streamlined the premier dietary supplement company’s audit readiness and document management proficiency.

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Asymtek logo

Web-Based MasterControl System Helps Asymtek Meet ISO Requirements

Shifting from a client server system to a web-based MasterControl solution has made all the difference for Asymtek, a leader in automated fluid dispensing technologies. Learn how robust document management functionality helps the company maintain ISO certification.

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Ecolab logo

MasterControl Extends Ecolab’s Document and Training Management Capabilities

Read about the fruitful expansion of Ecolab’s MasterControl system into multiple business units and find out how the global company is broadening its use of MasterControl’s document control and training capabilities.

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