Internal Control Audits

MasterControl Audit provides better manageability and centralized control in companies' audit programs.

When it comes to internal control audits, it is obvious that different companies have different audit requirements. Most audit software systems available on the market are only able to meet particular sets of requirements. The majority of these software offerings lack the capability to be customized according to the particular requirements of different companies. MasterControl Audit is the only solution on the market that caters to broad segment of companies by allowing audit programs to be tailored according to a company's internal control audit needs.

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MasterControl Audit Aligns Processes for Internal Control Audits

Internal audits are conducted to ensure that companies are able to operate efficiently, clear external audits, and continue their business practices in the most effective manner possible. This is why companies take great care in conducting internal audits as the extracted findings help resolve gaps and issues prior to external audits. A necessary requirement of any internal audit is to allow stakeholders to actively collaborate in the audit process.

MasterControl Audit is a web-based solution that is readily accessible to different authorized users from anywhere around the world. It allows employees, vendors, customers, and auditors to collaborate through an online platform and discuss, plan, and execute audits. Since the audit solution is centralized and accessible via the internet, it helps in conducting internal control audits that make the best use of the flexibility and quality control features organizations of all sizes need.

Maintaining Quality Control and Compliance with Internal Control Audits

The audit information maintained within the MasterControl system can be used by employees across all departments for raising quality issues. This also facilitates in better manageability of QA, QC, and QM related activities throughout the organization.

When it comes to ensuring audit quality control, MasterControl Audit also helps companies achieve the standards required to sustain compliance. By nature, internal control audits provide the necessary tools for rigorously testing standard operating procedures. Any gaps or issues are instantly identified and tracked for correction. The automated CAPA functionality of the MasterControl system rectifies and prevents the same issue from occurring again. For better manageability of each activity within an audit, auditors can divide activities into different stages. A number of audits can be simultaneously executed to gauge the efficiency of each business area. The automated system messages and email notifications keep auditors and managers informed about any notable ongoing activities within the audit.

MasterControl Provides Cost-Effective Internal Control Audits

Internal control audits are run at different intervals to improve the processes executing in the business. Management may apply same type of risk assessments, corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), and activity workflows on different audits. Consequently, MasterControl provides both standard templates and customizable forms. The purpose of these templates is reusability so that auditors can use existing setups in controlling and managing the audits. This saves time and resources for the company. Auditors can use these templates to define risk assessments, judgments, categories, findings, CAPAs, root causes, activity workflows, and other documents.

Another major aspect of early stage execution of internal control audits is to assess risks and bring them to the forefront. MasterControl Audit helps in assessing business areas and categorizing risks that may impact multiple areas. Moreover, the prioritization of findings in an internal control audit is automated with MasterControl, enabling users to filter out less urgent concerns. This allows for the mitigation of risks with bigger repercussions so that the business is always in an audit-ready state. The solution's reporting features also help management analyze and act upon audit findings for better analysis and judgment of business processes. MasterControl Audit provides many standardized internal control audit reports to meet the needs of large companies, most importantly, the GLP-required Master Schedule and QA Statement and the GCP Compliance Statement.

MasterControl Audit can be Easily Integrated with Other Quality Solutions

MasterControl's internal control audit solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the other solutions that comprise the MasterControl Quality Suite. The internal audit control software solutions become even more powerful when combined with other proven solutions designed for document control, change control, CAPA, training control, and supplier management, to name but a few of the quality solutions available from MasterControl.MasterControl Audit promises continuous quality and long-term profitability that is permeable throughout the enterprise.

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