How Do You Compare To Your Quality Peers?

Quality System Poll Results

MasterControl is conducting a series of quality polls to take the temperature of quality system users. The polls are designed as a tool of information for the community of quality professionals.

The first set of polls was conducted in late 2016. Results show that the majority of respondents (59 percent) still don’t use an electronic system to manage audit and quality processes. When it comes to audits and reviews, only 38 percent said they were adequately prepared, while 11 percent said they were "scared to death."


Answer Polls in 30 Seconds

The higher the number of respondents, the more effective the polls are. If you work in the quality management field or in a regulated environment, take a few seconds to answer the polls below. As soon as you finish, you will see how you compare to your peers with a click of a button.

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