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Safety Training Software

Safety training software can help reduce the risk associated with tasks and processes conducted in life science and manufacturing environments.

To learn about the benefits of safety training software, please feel free to download the following content:


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In highly regulated environments where product deliverables may affect the health and well-being of consumers, safety is absolutely essential. A safety training software solution that allows companies to control various training categories, quickly determine who has been trained, and assess which company issues are related to training processes is a valuable solution indeed.

MasterControl and Safety Training Software

MasterControl, provider of GxP process, quality audit and document control solutions provides the MasterControl safety training software which allows life science and manufacturing companies to access the following benefits:

  • Allows employees to automatically progress from one training module to another when prerequisite training has been completed;
  • Allows easy access for auditors who are searching for training records;
  • Safety training software allows training verifiers to electronically sign off an entire group of individuals once everyone has completed training;
  • Revision control ensures that training materials can be edited by only one user during any given time period;
  • The release of a document (such as an SOP) can be postponed until employees have finished their training courses. The document will then be automatically released.
  • Advanced analytics/reporting.
  • With the MasterControl safety training software, training can be linked to documentation so when a document is edited training courses can be automatically released.

For More Information on Safety Training Software

When searching for a safety training software solution, contact a MasterControl representative for more information.