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Supplier Relationship Management Software

Choose the Supplier Relationship Management Software that Serves as a Complete System for Managing Suppliers

As companies add more suppliers, partners, parts and services to their business, managing all of the relevant documents and data becomes increasingly challenging. Especially for regulated companies growing their supply chain network, implementing robust tools in their supplier relationship management strategy is critical to ensure supply continuity, compliance and product quality.

MasterControl Supplier provides a complete, integrated system for managing hundreds, even thousands, of suppliers' data and activities in a single place. Companies that choose MasterControl are choosing:

  • Industry expertise of the software provider used by one of the most recognized regulatory agencies in the world
  • Compliance leadership trusted by 572 life science companies in 33 countries
  • Proven track record of software implementation and validation success, with a 97 percent customer retention rate
Supplier Quality Management


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Supply Chain Management Process

Use the Supplier Management Solution that Offers a Complete View

MasterControl Supplier takes an integrated, holistic view of supplier management, so regulated companies like yours can see and evaluate the most complete picture of their suppliers' performance possible. MasterControl's robust, easy-to-to-use supplier relationship management software enables companies to not only keep all supplier and partner information in one place, but also assess risk, manage resources and, ultimately, accelerate a product's time to market while maintaining compliance.

With MasterControl, you will be able to:

  • Consolidate all supplier information – including approved vendor lists, supplier ratings, contracts, non-conformance reports and audit results – in a single, secure repository.
  • Better manage all supplier qualification processes and documents, and avoid costly duplication of such efforts by sharing qualification data with geographically dispersed personnel securely.
  • Gain visibility into supplier processes and performance. Monitor and track supplier information from audits, deviations, CAPAs, non-conformances and more to make informed decisions.
  • Use supplier information to help identify and mitigate risk, evaluate and rate supplier performance, and generate and maintain up-to-date supplier risk scorecards.
  • Quickly investigate and correct supplier issues by streamlining all tasks related to your supplier corrective action request (SCAR) process and better managing CAPA information.
  • Connect everyone involved in supplier management, regardless of location, to facilitate better communication and collaboration with suppliers using a centralized, easy-to-access system.
  • Ensure suppliers maintain high quality and compliance by measuring and rating their performance with objective metrics, and manage all supplier-related FDA and ISO requirements.

Leverage the Expertise Trusted by Life-Saving Organizations

"Everything you need – documentation, audits, training records – is in one place. That's peace of mind you can't put a price tag on." - Jorge Kalil, CIO, New Jersey Sharing Network

Learn More About How to Address Your Supplier Management Needs

To learn more about how supplier relationship management software can help address your needs, contact a MasterControl representative.