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Integration Services

In addition to using MasterControl software to automate internal processes, companies frequently deploy a variety of other third-party software applications.

Examples may include enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and product data management (PDM) applications. MasterControl integrates nicely with many major software applications typically used by companies. In some cases there are many connection points between MasterControl's system functionality and the functionality of other applications. When properly configured, these connection points can vastly improve a company's overall performance and automation. MasterControl's API Toolkit™ enables companies to bridge that functionality by integrating MasterControl with third party systems.

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After purchasing MasterControl's API Toolkit, some companies elect to have specialists from our Integration Services team help with the necessary technical scripting or programming activities. Integration Services specialists have the knowledge and expertise to initiate actions from MasterControl for sending or receiving data or files and for bridging MasterControl components with interfaces to ERP, CRM, or other third-party applications.

If you're interested in specific types of third-party software but have not yet completed the selection process, MasterControl would be happy to introduce you to some of our technology partners with whom we have already experienced successful integrations. As with all MasterControl products and services, please feel free to contact either your CRM or your RSM if you have any questions regarding our integration services.