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Consultants Invited to Join MasterControl's Partnership Program to Take Advantage of Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Consulting Opportunities

MasterControl's Strategic Partnership Program provides an opportunity for consultants in the life science industry to work toward achieving common goals. The Strategic Partnership Program allows pharmaceutical and medical device consulting firms to join with MasterControl Inc. to create new customer relationships, explore new selling opportunities to current customers, and strengthen ties with existing clients for better customer retention. Pharmaceutical and medical device consulting enterprises are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to join forces with MasterControl.

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The MasterControl Strategic Partnership Program

For more information about how MasterControl can help promote your pharmaceutical and medical device consulting services, view a demo of the MasterControl software suite below.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Consulting Opportunities

MasterControl partners have a choice of three different levels of participation in the Strategic Partnership Program, each with a flexible set of options designed to promote partner companies and services. Pharmaceutical and medical device consulting partners participate to the degree that best fits their needs and corporate goals. The three levels of partnership are: Contributing Partner, Collaborative Partner and Certified Partner. 

Contributing Partner
The Contributing Partner relationship is designed to allow pharmaceutical and medical device consulting partners to offer their insights and experience to the life science community through MasterControl’s widespread communication channels, including GxP Lifeline, MasterControl’s monthly newsletter with over 41,000 subscribers. No promotion of MasterControl is required to participate as a Contributing Partner and benefits include: links from the MasterControl website, posting of white papers on website(s), and opportunities to submit GxP Lifeline articles. 

Collaborative Partner
The Collaborative Partnership is designed for those pharmaceutical and medical device consulting firms interested in collaborating with MasterControl to better cross-promote complementary organizations. While there is no requirement for either party to specifically endorse the other, most Collaborative Partner relationships provide greater awareness of both companies to shared target audiences by nature. Collaborative Partnership benefits include:

  • Commission on referrals that convert into MasterControl customers
  • Free training on MasterControl software and access to the MasterControl Education Center in Salt Lake City
  • Discounts on MasterControl products and services for partner and/or partner’s clients
  • Speaking engagements and mutual education of clients and prospects
  • Inclusion on a special section of the MasterControl website with links to partner websites
  • Participation in industry-specific blogs, forums, and chat rooms owned and operated by MasterControl
  • Promotion of services in the GxP Lifeline newsletter
  • USB drive interface design and distribution  

Certified Partner
The Certified Partner program provides the highest level of collaborative activities for pharmaceutical and medical device consulting firms. These partners are introduced to new prospects and personally introduced to MasterControl clients. Certified Partners receive the same allowances as the other partnership levels with additional benefits. For details, visit the Certified Partner section of the MasterControl website.

For more information about partner consultant registration, visit the MasterControl Partner Registration page.

About MasterControl Inc.

A global leader in document control and GxP process and management software solutions, MasterControl Inc. offers an integrated, configurable that helps companies achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, MasterControl Inc. has delivered innovative GxP process management systems to hundreds of companies worldwide since 1993.

Resource Center

For more information about MasterControl’s partnership program for pharmaceutical and medical device consulting services, industry regulations, and current partner news visit the MasterControl Resource Center. Complimentary case studies, white papers, industry specific literature, and other free downloads are available to help pharmaceutical and medical device consulting firms in their endeavors to improve the life sciences industry.

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For more information on pharmaceutical and medical device consulting partnership opportunities, call toll free at 800-825-9117 or visit the MasterControl website.

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