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Word Integration

MasterControl, a provider of document control and process management software, now allows users to access high-level document management, routing, collaboration, revision control, and reporting features while continuing to work from their MS Word interface.

Word Integration Downloads

Download more information about the MasterControl MS Word Integration™:

White Paper / Data Sheet:
MasterControl MS Word Integration™

White Paper:
Automating Document Control Processes

Benefits of a MasterControl/MS Word Integration

The benefits of a MasterControl/MS Word Integration include the following:

  • Less time "scrambling" between the word processing application and the document control system;
  • Complete assurance that document integrity will be maintained;
  • Complete assurance that document version control will be maintained;
  • The ability to comply with FDA, ISO or EMEA regulations in less time.

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To learn more about the MasterControl MS Word Integration, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.


To become more familiar with the overall benefits that MasterControl can provide to highly regulated industries, please feel free to view the following videos:

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The MasterControl Resource Center

MasterControl believes in providing a growing body of information for those who are interested in broadening their perspective on topics such as document management, audit control, process management, validation, compliance and regulatory issues. Please feel free to access the following resources to learn more: