October 2013

For Quality Companies

Successful Quality Agreements

by Steven Sharf, GMP Concepts

Many GxP professionals are already familiar with the expectation of FDA and the requirement in the EU to have quality agreements with third parties and suppliers. Throughout this article, I will define what a quality agreement is, when one is needed, the 24 basics that factor into this critical document, and some things to avoid when drafting one. Finally, I will discuss alternate means of communicating quality expectations when a supplier will not agree to enter into a full quality agreement.

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Innovation and the Quality Process

by Ken Peterson, MasterControl Inc.

Thinking of new ideas and putting those ideas to practical economic use can be more of an art than a science. At times innovation sends a signal that is in opposition to quality. If we are constantly trying to solve problems and find solutions through effective investigation of failures, do we ever consider that the best solution is to ignore the past and invent the future?

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Third-Party Audits: Who Should Have Access?

by Dr. David Acheson, The Acheson Group

There are a growing number of food companies that have third-party audits undertaken in their facilities. For some, it is a requirement from their customers, for others it is just something they feel important to do to foster continuous improvement. But, once those audits are completed, who should have access to the reports?

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Chocolate Most Popular Halloween Candy

by NCA Survey

What's your favorite Halloween treat? According to a recent survey, nearly three-fourths of Americans prefer to receive chocolate on Halloween.

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