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                              January - March 2011

Jennifer Stepniowski

Four Common Quality Misconceptions

by Jennifer Stepniowski

For over a decade now, I've had the distinct pleasure of talking quality with professionals representing a myriad of industries. For the most part, people who reach me are experiencing a quality-related issue and are looking to quickly extinguish the fire and prevent recurrences. Or they may simply want to reduce their overall risks—and costs—by incorporating a specific quality initiative.

Every situation is unique, so it's important to be as knowledgeable as possible regarding the company I'm working with and their respective industry. Whether it's a small business owner, a QA Manager, or a CEO of a large corporation, these initial conversations allow me to customize an action plan that will address the client's needs and concerns.

Recently, I've reflected on these conversations and realized that there are a few common misconceptions regarding quality that consistently surface regardless of what industry I'm working with. So, without identifying my specific thoughts, I reached out to my network of peers in the quality industry to see if they would reach a similar conclusion. Not surprisingly, the same misconceptions surfaced from within their day-to-day experiences.

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Quality Basics Simplify Complex Engineering Document Management Challenge

by Ted Shaar
Freelance Writer on Quality Topics

In the spring of 2006, Ray Wilson, an internal business systems analyst for an investor-owned utility company, faced a monumental challenge: how to go about transferring the management of approximately 750,000 documents on paper, Mylar, microfiche, and other media from more than 150 different facilities to one centralized location.

He was also responsible for helping to determine which documents should be retained, creating a searchable database, and maintaining the data files that resulted from the effort.

Although the scope may have been once-in-a-lifetime, at the heart of the task was a common problem for engineers everywhere—content management for engineering drawings.

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